A Chance to Love: Was It Worth the Wait?

When Studio Wabi Sabi announced the sequel to their highly popular BL series "Love By Chance," the news swept through the fandom like fire, and everyone was ecstatic. The show, which got widespread recognition because of the amazing chemistry between…
November 21, 2020

Feature: My Love Letter to BL Stories

It started from the scene from the recent Korean BL show - "Mr Heart". Sangha's scene where he thanks Jinwon for making him smile and saving his life was such a heartwarming one. I felt so connected to Sangha at…
November 18, 2020

90 Days the Series (2020) Episodes 4 – 6 [Review]

To me, the hardest breakups have always been friendship breakups. Words can’t describe how painful it knows that this person you called friend will never be a part of your life anymore. I’ve cried more over ending relationships with friends…

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Ben X Jim Episode 5 (2020) [Review]

In the first parts of this episode, we get to see Jim at his most inconsistent and indecisive, almost to the point where it’s hard to care for him anymore as a character. After actively flaunting the lovey-dovey relationship Jim…

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Hikaru no Go 棋魂 Episodes 1 – 12 [Review]

I had been putting off watching this show, but then friends on Twitter started tweeting about it. The tweets caught my attention and got me pretty intrigued. The reviews were astounding, and I wondered why. One answer lies in this…

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Chance To Love (LBC2) – Episode 9 [Review]

While Tin and Can are slowly settling into relationship bliss and getting to know each other, some shocking truths tumble out of the closet. We finally get a glimpse at the naïve lost kid whose trust was impeccably broken. As…

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Tonhon Chonlatee – ต้นหนชลธี (2020) – Episode 2 [Review]

Episode 2 of Tonhon Chonlatee gave me mixed feelings that will affect this review. There were some great things about this episode and one glaring thing about this episode that I did not like. I know that there are reasons…

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My Gear Your Gown (2020) Episodes 4 – 6 [Review]

At the end of episode 3, I wondered how exactly a person who loved Itt, at first sight, does not believe in Love anymore? I found myself lacking interest in the lead story, even with all the hooks. I return…

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Pearl Next Door (2020) – Episode 2 [Review]

I should probably start this second review off by saying that I have a serious crush on Alex. I’m hoping with every fiber of my being that, at some point, she does not become the antagonist of this series. Then…

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The Silent Criminal 无主之战 [Series Review]

As soon as iQiyi, one of the most popular streaming portals, started promoting “The Silent Criminal,” I had a feeling that this show would be slightly bent towards the regular “Romance Wrapped in Bromance” genre. I was suffering from Chinese…

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CHEAT the SERIES: Interview with Craig Lines & Vaughan Abrasado

—Edited by TheFNGee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFjQilqIsi4 1) What inspired you to launch a BL series? What is the background story behind "Cheat the Series."2) Mr. Craig Lines, you are a BAFTA Award winner and have more than 30 years of experience in international...
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Ben X Jim Episode 4 (2020) [Review]

This episode left me more frustrated than ever. Everything was well in the “BenxJim” household until Jim’s girlfriend appears out of nowhere and crashes into Ben’s dreams. The fact that Jim is aware of Ben’s feelings towards him makes it…

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