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TharnType – Episode 7 [Review]

What is different about Episode 7 of TharnType is some focus on supporting characters. It offers perspective on how Tharn and Type interact outside their personal/exclusive circle.

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Dark Blue Kiss – Episode 6 [Review]

Episode 6 of Dark Blue Kiss can and will infuriate New-Tay shippers by AJ Chayapol who was extremely effective as Non. Portraying the younger guy who targets Kao as his […]

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TharnType playviews + sex scenes [Blog-a-Thon #02]

Sex sells and in the chaotic and competitive world of BL, some fans are clamoring for more sex and intimate scenes. It can make the difference between getting those millions […]

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Until We Meet Again – Episode 2 [Review]

Soul mates, destiny, love beyond the grave – words people like to throw at you when it’s hard to find a more “reasonable” explanation. In Episode 2 of Until We […]


2Gether เพราะเราคู่กัน the series (2020)

Much have been said about Thai BL drama based in school. But the novelty and excitement of seeing young, handsome boys in blue shorts and white polo shirts will never […]

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Top 3 Most Romantic Scenes – Present Perfect

Dir. Aam Anusorn tweeted a “challenge” to viewers and fans of his critically acclaimed film, Present Perfect.


The Stranded (Netflix) – Season 1 [Review] Part 1/3

Netflix’s desire for playview domination in Asia made headways in Japan and Korea already. Now, it has begun campaigning in Thailand and other South East Asian countries. Today, the streaming […]