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BoyBand Love (2020) Episodes 1-2 [Review]

Being famous isn’t easy. Behind the glamorous life of every famous person, there’s a side story that we can’t comprehend; a hidden struggle that they keep to themselves. Aiming to tackle issues of the LGBTQ+ in the entertainment industry, BoyBand…
October 11, 2020
Filipino Reviews

My Day the Series – Episodes 8 & 9 [Review]

I'm still uncertain about these episodes. After reviewing my notes (yes, I know, I'm old-fashioned), I realized there's a problem with consistency. The episodes lack continuity of quality. I'm constantly weaving between moments that are good, bad, and meh. I'm…
October 9, 2020


While the Pandemic wrecks lives and relationships the world over, one positive sequence of events that have been brought forward during this time is the emergence of countless Boys Love series. Stories that continue to impart snippets of culture and…

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Amore (2020) Chapter 1 [Series Review]

A drama by definition is a series of events or set of circumstances that evokes human emotion, the kind that leaves spectators frustrated, shocked, awed, happy, or sad. This is exactly what Amore strives to do. The first chapter of…

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In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam) – [Complete Series Review]

Falling in love for the first time is a life-changing moment that is hard to forget; it’s pure and innocent, making it more special than the following experience. At that moment, we are blinded by the happy feelings that grow…

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Quaranthings the Series Episodes 3 – 4 [Review]

In my previous two episode reviews, I failed to mention how much I love the way Quaranthings the Series opens. The opener isn’t memorable because of its music. Nor is it remarkable because of complex animation. What is beautiful about…

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A First Look of GagaOOLala’s Newest Pinoy BL Series: Happenstance

After the success of the anthological queer series Unlocked, Pinoy acclaimed director Adolfo Alix Jr., known for his work such as Donsol, Adela, Manila, and Death March, is back with his newest creation, Happenstance. Venturing into the emerging Pinoy BL…

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Scumbag System 穿书自救指南 – 2020 Episode 6 [Review]

As Shen Yuan gambles a chance with the unruly Demon Saintess Sha Hua Ling and expects a redress, she turns the table on him. However, unexpected help arrives in the form of Peak Master Liu Qing Ge. As he helps…

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Ingredients ส่วนผสมที่ลงตัว | Episodes 11 – 12 [Review]

Attraction and confusion are quite a normal aspect of a blossoming relationship. As two people who live in close quarters and have irrevocably become a part of each other’s lives, Tops and Win are learning some interesting facts about their…

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Oxygen the Series ออกซิเจนเดอะซีรีส์ (2020) – Episode 5 [Review]

While Kay is trying hard to create misunderstandings between our sweet couple, Solo’s jealousy and insecurity are brimming to the surface. As Gui comes to terms with Solo’s sudden reappearance and Kay’s overtly forward gestures, Beer takes matters into his…

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Gaya sa Pelikula (2020) Episode 3 [Review]

Our day is beginning with an unanswered alarm and a grumpy Karl hunting for the source. It belongs to a sleeping Vlad who has left the downstairs a mess. Vlad awakens and leaves on a mysterious mission. Returning to the…

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Pornographer ポルノグラファ (The Novelist) [Review]

“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have Love” -Gabriel García Márquez These lines pretty much spell out the entire conundrum of this drama. What happens when you lose trust in your relationship and grow jilted? Life becomes…

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