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Legend of Exorcism – 天宝伏妖录 – Episode 2 [Review]

The second episode of Legend of Exorcism is rather slow-paced with major character introductions. The show is setting a precedent to the importance of the erstwhile “Court of Exorcism.” Although the Court isn’t exactly revered in its current dilapidated state, it’s rise to popularity rests on the shoulders of our heroes, who, under the leadership of General Li Jinglong, will battle the demons to maintain the peace and safety of the citizens in the city of Chang’an.

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Special Feature: Legend of Exorcism – 天宝伏妖录

Psycho-milk is proud to publish our first critical look at an Anime. This on-air Donghua (Chinese anime) is new and has gorgeous CGI. Check out our review of Episode 1

Legend of Exorcism is an ongoing fantasy anime series based on the adaptation of Fei Tian Ye Xiang’s (非天夜翔) Chinese web novel of the same name. Produced by Sparkly Key Animation Studio, this donghua airs every Sunday on the 哔哩哔哩动画 Anime Made by Bilibili YouTube Channel.

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