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The Effect - Love Without Gender from Psychomilk


20 Favorite Thai BL OST – The Effect | Boy Sompob

Dark, emotional and disturbing - that's what many felt after watching Thai BL drama entitled The Effect. The original music for the 3-episodic show was composed by Boy Sompob and he rendered his interpretation of the drama so effortless yet…
November 16, 2019

The Effect ธัญซีรีส์ (2019)

Three new Thai actors Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan, Chakrit Boonsing, and Nutnaree Yosying are cast to play the leads in The Effect. Based on the original work of Sweetsky (which appeared in Tunwalai) and with a script by Monthanee Wattanaintaroj. The series…
October 21, 2019
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