Revisiting TharnType before Season 2 + Hype and Controversial past [Opinion]

With about 65 million views on LINEtv alone, TharnType the Series, goes beyond the norm in terms of BL storytelling and character development. Even after Season 1 has ended, it still sets the standards in terms of how a BL couple behaves in public.

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Why RU: The Series – เพราะรักใช่ป่าว (2020)

29 March 2020 updates: There is an uproar from ZonSaifah fans about the lack of screen time for Tommy Sittichok and Jimmy Karn characters. Just to give you some background, the series was pushed to air by January instead of middle of the year as originally planned. The Production team has revealed that scenes were not completed.

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2Gether เพราะเราคู่กัน the series (2020)

This latest GMMtv offering presents 3 BL couples with unique storylines.

Much has been said about Thai BL drama based in school. But the novelty and excitement of seeing young, handsome boys in blue shorts and white polo shirts will never lose its appeal. At least that’s my opinion and many others who have been inside this chaotic BL universe for years.

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EN of Love Series – รักวุ่นๆของหนุ่มวิศวะ (2020)

I have no idea how many Engineers there are in Thailand. But it seems to me, BL storytellers are besotted with the very occupation itself. Why does it almost always seem to be “Engineers” serving as the object-of-affection for the main series protagonists?

22 March 2020 updates: Since there are three story arcs, each is reported to composed of 4 episodes with TOSSARA – วิศวะมีเกียร์น่ะเมียหมอ – having a first go.

Episode 2 link at LINEtv.

Episode 1 link at LINEtv

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A Tale of A Thousand Stars – นิทานพันดาว (2020)

Aside from a promising cast, Tale of A Thousand Stars is already one of the most anticipated Thai BL drama for 2020 because of its director.

Update 18 March 2020: Reports indicate that the TV series will start shooting April 2020 amidst the corona virus which remains uncontrollable in Thailand and elsewhere in the world. GMMtv has yet to give date of broadcast but this series is quite anticipated for the story and where it’s based.

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Dew (Let’s Go Together) ดิว ไปด้วยกันนะ – Thai BL film (2019)

Update: 17 March 2020 – Now available on Netflix but in Thailand only. Production team promises availability in other countries as soon as negotiation pushes through.

Dew the movie tells the story of romantic love between two boys. But the circumstances of the times deterred them from pursuing their feelings and having a relationship.

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Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series- ด้ายแดง (2019)

Based on the BL novel entitled The Red Thread by LazySheep, Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series is about the romantic relationship between Dean and Parm. There is also the topic of reincarnation.

Update: Reports confirm that the series will run until March 2020 with 7-8 more episodes. There will be a total of 17-18 episodes, including live streaming for the final installment. Note also that no official announcement has been posted yet.

Episode Reviews are here: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8 | Episode 9 | Episode 10 | Episode 11 | Episode 12 | Episode 13 | Episode 14 | Episode 15 | Episode 16 | Episode 17 | Episode 18

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The Shipper – จิ้นนายกลายเป็นฉัน (2020)

I’m in awe how Ohm Pawat has captured the imagination of BL watchers around the world. Aside from He’s Coming to Me and Dew, the movie, he plays an admittedly ‘second lead’ in GMMTV’s 2020 gender-bender romcom/BL concoction entitled The Shipper – จิ้นนายกลายเป็นฉัน.

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