Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong – คณาวุฒิ ไตรพิพัฒนพงษ์ [Profiler]

It was a few months ago when the BL community in Thailand became fascinated with the auditions for a certain drama series. That series is TharnType and people are on the lookout for anything related to Love By Chance.

One of the fresh faces to audition for a part is Gulf Kanawut.

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Wayufilm grooms Mon Hatsawatchon for BL stardom!

Credited as one of the drivers for the surge of BL soaps and films in Thailand, Wayufilm Production launched the acting careers of Fluke Natouch and Fluke Teerapat. Both play the leads in My Bromance.

It seems the production company is grooming another actor for its BL series.

His name is Mon Hatsawatchon and may take part in the upcoming My Bromance 2: 5 Years Later.

He was previously cast in Wayufilm’s Key Love: The Series with fellow talent Nick Akkarasak. Latest project is My Friendship with Oak Puwanart.

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