What Makes a Good BL Drama or Film (Under a Thai/Asian Setting)? Part 2/2 [Opinion]

First published 17 May 2019, updated 19 March 2020

In Part 1, we mentioned a list of outstanding BL films/series from across Asia – Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese productions, including The Love of Siam, Night Flight, Lan Yu, Present Perfect, A Touch of Fever, Like Grains of Sand, SOTUS, HIStory, Love by Chance and many others.

As to why a movie or series is of quality? One of the primary reasons is always to do with the story itself – and the fact that it should be engaging. What about the other factors that make them great?

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Joss Wayar + Tay Tawan talk in Don’t Magazine [Video]

Here is an excerpt of their conversation:


Q: What is the ideal men in your opinion?
J: I think that an ideal man….that guy is Tay Tawan
T: Huh?
T: For me, an ideal man must have leadership, be a gentleman, be dedicating, work smart, good at earning money
J: Being a leader of the family
T: Front legs of an elephant (Thai proverb = a leader)
J: Be able to protect the women.

Q: And how ‘ideal man’ you think you are?
T: Oh… what did I just say?
J: I can say it first
J: I’d rather rate myself 5-6 points. I still feel that I’m not ready to be the leader of the family
T: I’d give myself 6. To stay together in the society, to respect others, I think I already have them. But to be the leader of the family, or a leader that the society expected, I think I’m not ready now.

Link to the whole translation is provided below on Twitter:


Dark Blue Kiss – Episode 1 [Review]

And so in October, Thai BL fanatics are bombarded with some amazing shows! Take a look: TharnType, the series, The Effect, and (of course) Dark Blue Kiss. Also note that in November we have Until We Meet Again!

Just by browsing their teaser trailers alone, Dark Blue Kiss appears to be the superior show for October. Of course, I also have to reserve judgment to the other two – but The Effect lacks charisma and TharnType is a bit disappointing to me, in so far as acting quality is concerned, but let’s see..

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