Motor Cycle: The Series – วุ่นรักนักบิด (2020)

The bad boy image in BL is one theme that is hard to match – there is just something alluring about being bad for the sake of it. Now comes a new BL drama entitled Motor Cycle: The Series. For me, it sounds like sex, boys, rock & roll, and motorbikes of course! The series is slated for a May 2020 release.

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Thai BL Fresh Faces – Young Actors Series [Hitlist] – 2019 Edition [Part 5]

Dec 2019 edition | First published April 2019

This is part 5 of our hitlist featuring fresh faces in the Thai BL universe! Mind you, these are relatively new actors – with 2018 and this year projects only. Two upcoming BL series will showcase the potential acting talents of these boys – Motor Cycle: The Series, Oxygen and That’s My Umbrella.

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