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Petersen Vargas

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Hello Stranger Episode 7 [Review]

Our Happiness shouldn't be based on how people perceive us, but on how we truly see ourselves The truth hurts and is inexplicable at times. But the fact remains that facing the truth and accepting it requires courage. I'm so…
August 7, 2020
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Hello Stranger Episode 6 [Review]

After setting a rapid benchmark, Hello Stranger descended into utter chaos with major misunderstandings creating havoc in Xavier and Mico's blossoming relationship. For someone who is supposed to be nerdy, Mico is totally oblivious or insecure about his importance in…
July 30, 2020
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Hello Stranger Episode 5 [Review]

I might have jumped up and squealed like a little girl after watching the end of this episode. Episode 5 premiered to high anticipation, and the show's producers didn't disappoint. We have seen Xavier's flirtatious side, but I never expected…
July 24, 2020
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Hello Stranger Episode 4 [Review]

After the madness that descended with the cliff-hanger ending of Episode 3, the fans waited with bated breath to figure out the "Truth" behind Xavier's sudden online confession. The wait was worthwhile although I must admit the reveal was a…
July 19, 2020
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Hello Stranger Episode 3 [Review]

Black Sheep, ABS-CBN Films' sister company has certainly struck gold with its latest BL offering, Hello Stranger. The show's increasing popularity can be attributed to its unique marketing online as well as the main lead's sensual chemistry. With a vibrant…
July 17, 2020
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Hello Stranger Episode 1 [Review]

Following the footsteps of recent Boys Love released in the Philippines, Black Sheep Productions, a subsidiary of the Philippines’ biggest media network, ABS-CBN joined the bandwagon with the pilot episode of Hello Stranger, a romantic-comedy that stars Tony Labrusca as…
July 14, 2020

News about the Hello Stranger Digital Conference

Barely a week after its initial teaser of a doodle that highlighted the letters BL, Black Sheep introduced the cast members of the upcoming Boys Love series, Hello Stranger – a first from ABS-CBN Films’ sister company that has been…
June 23, 2020
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Teaser Trailer Released

And the cat is out of the bag. After two days of speculation and guesswork – hype induced by the sudden drop of the BL tease that the Marketing Team behind Black Sheep. A buzz that sent practically the whole…
June 19, 2020

2Cool 2Be 4Gotten – 2016 [Review]

Philippine gay films are either too edgy or outright commercial. Most often these films depict a society in decay. The 2016 flick from neophyte director Petersen Vargas is neither. 2Cool 2Be 4Gotten is edgy in its depiction of a young…
December 16, 2019
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