2019 Year End Review – The Actors

Who made waves in 2019? Who gave the best performances? Who are the year’s breakout actors?

The Stranded (Netflix) – Season 1 [Review] Part 1/3

Netflix’s desire for playview domination in Asia made headways in Japan and Korea already. Now, it has begun campaigning in Thailand and other South East Asian countries. Today, the streaming giant launches The Stranded about 30+ students who got lost on a remote island. With some Lord of the Flies, di Caprio’s The Beach, andContinue reading “The Stranded (Netflix) – Season 1 [Review] Part 1/3”

Perth Tanapon and Mark Siwat to play lovers in Netflix’s The Stranded – เคว้ง

Last January 2019, it was revealed that Netflix will broadcast its first Thai drama entitled The Stranded. The series is to be released in November 15 exclusively via Netflix.

Rewatching Love By Chance – บังเอิญรัก – with a Critical Eye: Introduction – Part 1/3 [Review]

The news about the producers’ struggle to find sponsors and network support for the series almost feels like fake news. But before LBC and its cast became hugely popular, the drama series almost failed to air.

Beyond Fan Service: How Thai BL Actors are changing the landscape of shipping actors – The case of Saint-Perth-Zee Part 2/3 [Opinion]

We are past the stage when Mario and Pcshy took the world by storm via The Love of Siam and the subsequent media frenzy and the somewhat ‘forced’ fan service.

What Makes a Good BL Drama or Film (Under a Thai/Asian Setting)? Part 2/2 [Opinion]

In Part 1, we mentioned a list of outstanding BL films/series from across Asia – Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese productions, including The Love of Siam, Night Flight, Lan Yu, Present Perfect, A Touch of Fever, Like Grains of Sand, SOTUS, HIStory, Love by Chance and many others. Also, one of the main factors whyContinue reading “What Makes a Good BL Drama or Film (Under a Thai/Asian Setting)? Part 2/2 [Opinion]”

Short Films: Love: “Action” Series – MeanPlann TitleEarth MarkGun & Perth (2019) [Video]

From Cathy Doll and the original cast of Love By Chance come three short films! Love must Fight – features Perth Tanapon (our famous, passionate Ae from Love by Chance), teaming up with Title and Earth (the tragic-stricken couple from Love by Chance too!);

REMINDERS เพราะคิดถึง – Episode 1-3 [Full Review]

With only 3 episodes, Reminders the Series brings back both wonderful and not-so-wonderful memories. You see, Love Sick, when it was shown a few years ago, remains a trailblazer in the Thai BL universe. Its depiction of young, romantic (sometimes even scandalous) affair remains debatable. Is it worth it to hurt a girl in favorContinue reading “REMINDERS เพราะคิดถึง – Episode 1-3 [Full Review]”