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Oxygen the Series – ออกซิเจน เดอะซีรีส์ – ดั่งลมหายใจ (2020)

13 May 2020 updates: During a Facebook ‘live’ featuring the main stars of the series, it was revealed that the May 2020 release will be further postponed. However, the actors are reassuring fans that the postponement will not be “too long”. Reports have it that it may air July 2020, but no official confirmation as of this writing. We’ll update this page once the schedule of the series is announced.

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Why RU: The Series – เพราะรักใช่ป่าว (2020)

My WhyRU journey brought me to discover new friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. It’s especially memorable for a good number of reasons. Unlike a blog where emotions and personal views are often fully expressed, I try to keep this drama profile as objective as possible. Now that Why RU the Series has ended, browse into our collection of events featuring the cast of this notable BL series!

Reviews are here: Special Episode | Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8-9 | Episode 10-13

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