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A Tale of A Thousand Stars – นิทานพันดาว (2020)

Aside from a promising cast, Tale of A Thousand Stars is already one of the most anticipated Thai BL dramas for 2020 because of its director. Remember He’s Coming to Me? And the recent Dark Blue Kiss? Well, it’s Backof Aof Noppharnach who will direct 1000 stars!

21 May 2020: Fans are pushing for 3 million views of the drama’s teaser trailer. It is currently at 2.9 million (and counting). Aside from Earth Pirapat, I have absolute confidence in Mix Sahaphap – although a fresh recruit, he is mentored by an outstanding director and he has natural acting abilities as well.

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The Ones to Watch: A List of Young Actors in Upcoming BL Series [Part 1/2]

While everyone is pretty much on lockdown, let us give you the names of actors (and their projects) you’ll be seeing very soon! Based on casting news, degree of excitement on their upcoming series (or movies), and personal appeal, we have five names (for now) and another five in Part 2.

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10 x 10 – Ten boys, Ten stories [Vol 1]

On the spotlight! (From top to bottom) – Mos Saksitt, Gulf Kanawut, Toy Thanaphat, Bright Vachirawit, Ohm Pawat, Mix Sahaphap, Seng Wachit, Ohm Thitiwat, Boun Noppanut, and Pavel Phoom

Mos Saksitt appeals to me more from a male model standpoint. His provocative photos scream for attention and that reason alone, why is he not in any BL series? Let me know if you got inside info on him!

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