TharnType – Episode 12 [Review]

What makes an engrossing, realistic, and quality drama? It has to have a heart and a spirit. In the case of Tharn Type, Mew Suppasit as Tharn embodies its beating heart and Gulf Kanawut as Type is its fighting spirit.

Meet the New Faces of Thai BL Drama Series! [2019-2020 Edition]

2019 and the next few years are banner years for Thai BL Series. By the sheer number of upcoming productions alone, there is no other Asian film/drama industry that has so much to offer to BL fans worldwide.

Thai BL Fresh Faces – Young Actors Series [Hitlist] – 2019 Edition [Part 5]

Dec 2019 edition | First published April 2019 This is part 5 of our hitlist featuring fresh faces in the Thai BL universe! Mind you, these are relatively new actors – with 2018 and this year projects only. Two upcoming BL series will showcase the potential acting talents of these boys – Motor Cycle: TheContinue reading “Thai BL Fresh Faces – Young Actors Series [Hitlist] – 2019 Edition [Part 5]”

That’s My Umbrella – พี่ครับนั่นร่มผม เดอะ ซีรี่ส์ (2020?)

17 Dec 2019: Reports from different sources reveal that new developments are currently happening. Whether the drama will air or not remains to be seen. We will update you as any announcement becomes available. Updates: All of the social media accounts related to this series have been disabled. There is no official news if itContinue reading “That’s My Umbrella – พี่ครับนั่นร่มผม เดอะ ซีรี่ส์ (2020?)”