Until We Meet Again – Episode 12 [Review]

I’m not going to call this episode an emotional powerhouse. Not that it isn’t, but that the emotions don’t trend to the side of devastating. Tears of happiness? Pretty close …

Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series- ด้ายแดง (2019)

Based on the BL novel entitled The Red Thread by LazySheep, Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series is about the romantic relationship between Dean and Parm. There is also the topic of reincarnation. Update: Reports confirm that the series will run until March 2020 with 7-8 more episodes. There will be a total ofContinue reading “Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series- ด้ายแดง (2019)”

พี่ชาย My Bromance 2: 5 Years Later (2020)

Update: 11 Jan 2020 – Wayufilm Production confirms that the upcoming My Bromance sequel is a series and not a movie. The news that there is another yet unreleased installment to the My Bromance saga has ignited many people’s curiosity.

Until We Meet Again – Episode 5 [Review]

I watched UWMA Episode 5, three times to improve my understanding of the nuances and the limitations of the subtitling. To create great Texas BBQ, you have to smoke the meats oh-so-slowly – literally hours, before you get a fantastic result. Episode 5 was indeed more leisurely, evolving exposition, but oh-so-slowly done well. We shouldContinue reading “Until We Meet Again – Episode 5 [Review]”

Until We Meet Again – Episode 4 [Review]

This is perhaps the weakest episode of Until We Meet Again where a number of issues could have been pursued, yet the director chooses to repeat what has been revealed already. There is already a connection between the tragic characters of the past with the current main couple. To repeat dramatic scenes make it soContinue reading “Until We Meet Again – Episode 4 [Review]”

Until We Meet Again – Episode 3 [Review]

Episode 3 of Until We Meet Again equally covers the stories of the two main couples – past and present – and acting showdowns were held. Whoever said that BL actors are not capable of excellent acting is wrong.

Until We Meet Again – Episode 2 [Review]

Soul mates, destiny, love beyond the grave – words people like to throw at you when it’s hard to find a more “reasonable” explanation. In Episode 2 of Until We Meet Again, the love is in abundance that it spilled over the small screen, reaching me (and the audience) at full force.

Until We Meet Again – Episode 1 [Review]

In Until We Meet Again, there is that obvious feeling that you and many others are falling in love with it. Episode 1 is intimate, comedic, sentimental and futuristic. Dir. New needs to be commended for the courage to start fresh with a new series and with that, a beaming confidence with the cast.