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Boys Love or Queer Cinema? An Innocent Question?

Everyone remembers their first BL. Whether it was “Love by Chance,” “Lovesick,” or “SOTUS.” Or if you’re younger, maybe “Slam Dance,” “Together with Me,” or “Tharntype” the Series.” Whenever you started your activities as a viewer, you have fallen in love with college or high school settings. First loves or the main lead only being gay for one special person. Those staples are common in most ‘Boys Love’ series. But what happens when you venture off the YouTube yellow brick road of suggested videos?

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Oxygen the Series ออกซิเจนเดอะซีรีส์ (2020) – Episode 2 [Review]

It’s just the second episode, and “Love is in the Air.” Although I have been hearing many complaints related to Nut Supanut and Petch Chanapoom’s apparent “wooden expressions.” We need to consider the fact that both of them are newbies. Despite that, they try to portray a poignant relationship based on mutual understanding where they manage to convey their emotions with simple and silent conversations. They don’t need to talk much because their eyes vividly describe the character’s emotions. So that pretty much sums up Solo and Gui’s budding feelings for each other.

This review is a joint effort with Jenhg. See her thoughts on this episode at her blog. Jen’s perspective is different from mine, and I really enjoy reading the contrast in our thought processes. I’m hoping that our readers will feel the same.

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Mr. Heart – Mr. 하트 (2020) Episodes 1 – 3 [Review]

This week the new Korean web drama – Mr. Heart premiered on the streaming service VIKI. This is the second project from W-Story, the production team that gave us the amazing BL series – Where Your Eyes Linger a few months ago. After giving us a story of longing and devotion between a young master & bodyguard, W-Story returns with a story about two athletes in a university, “Mr. Heart.” Starring Lee Je Sin as Sang Ha and MAN BLK’s Cheon Seung Ho as Jin won is set up in the same universe as Where Your Eyes Linger, in a track team of the University Sports Department.

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Chance to Love (LBC2) – Episode 4 [Review]

Beginning with Tin, Can, and Lay (Lemon, Can’s younger sister using her nickname now) at a mall restaurant, details about Can are revealed. Tin’s view of Can changes now aware of what a good person Can actually is. Techno learns his brother is aware of his moment with Kengkla and runs away to Type. Ae, still smarting after the intervention from Mai, contemplates making changes. Tul and Tin have another tense conversation that upsets Tul. Tul visits a teacher or teacher’s aide named Hin, and they share an intimate moment. 

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