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EN of Love – TOSSARA: Episode 4 Finale [Review]

Every story, even the one that we love so dearly, must eventually come to an end. And it’s about time to say goodbye to Gun and Bar as they conclude their love story in the final episode of TOSSARA. Previously, the doctor and the head hazer have come clean about their relationship by announcing their status as boyfriends to the whole university. With them being a couple and no further obstacles coming to their relationship, it seems that they have gotten their perfect ending already. Thus, I can’t help but ask: is it even necessary to add another episode to the series?

Well, let’s find out!

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EN of Love – This is Love Story: Episode 3 – Finale [Review]

This Is Love Story final episode came as a surprise to the fans who have anticipated the continuation of Neur and Praram’s story for another two episodes. The shocking announcement which was dropped during the premiere of episode 3 trailer left the fans with one big question: How will they wrap up the story in just one episode left? Well, let’s dig into the review…

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EN of Love – This is Love Story: Episode 2 [Review]

Following the success of the first episode, This Is Love Story aims to continue its domination in the current drought of Thai BL series. With longer airtime and more interaction between the main leads, the second episode is expected to become the cure for viewers’ longing good BL content. Will the strategy work?

Let’s see …

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EN of Love – TOSSARA: Episode 1 [Review]

Anything worth having is worth waiting for. This phrase resonates well with the love story of Gun and Bar in the popular Boys Love series, EN of Love: TOSSARA. Despite the harsh competition in the Thai BL industry when the series aired, it was still able to capture many hearts with its simple and relatable story. Moreover, as the first installment of En of Love The Series, TOSSARA has successfully opened the door of popularity for the two follow-up series.

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EN of Love Series – รักวุ่นๆของหนุ่มวิศวะ (2020)

I have no idea how many Engineers there are in Thailand. But it seems to me, BL storytellers are besotted with the very occupation itself. Why does it almost always seem to be “Engineers” serving as the object-of-affection for the main series protagonists?

22 March 2020 updates: Since there are three story arcs, each is reported to composed of 4 episodes with TOSSARA – วิศวะมีเกียร์น่ะเมียหมอ – having a first go.

Episode 2 link at LINEtv.

Episode 1 link at LINEtv

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THAI BL Newsfeeds! [Archives]

Casting news and buzz are becoming lightning fast, so this is a daily (or even hourly) update on what’s happening – right here, right now!

13 March/2020 11:17 am BKK

Zee Pruk as Fighter in WhyRU

It takes a certain level of dedication to dive into a character, especially so if you portray a BL role and you’re straight. I think though, sexual preference should be minimized as a point of reference and assess an actor based on performance. Zee Pruk as Fighter epitomizes the jock.

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