Dark Blue Kiss – Episode 7-9 [Review]

Episode 9 resulted in a breakthrough for Dark Blue Kiss which is plagued by lack of direction and so-so scenarios.

While die-hard fans argued that it takes time for a relationship to bloom or deteriorate, as reviewer I expected more. After all, this is a GMM production.

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Dark Blue Kiss – Episode 1 [Review]

And so in October, Thai BL fanatics are bombarded with some amazing shows! Take a look: TharnType, the series, The Effect, and (of course) Dark Blue Kiss. Also note that in November we have Until We Meet Again!

Just by browsing their teaser trailers alone, Dark Blue Kiss appears to be the superior show for October. Of course, I also have to reserve judgment to the other two – but The Effect lacks charisma and TharnType is a bit disappointing to me, in so far as acting quality is concerned, but let’s see..

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