Based on the series by Chesshire, with illustration from Suki comes Oxygen the series. Slated for a 2020 release, this upcoming Thai BL drama is all about 2 young boys from an extremely different upbringing – Living and working independently, Solo may find life challenging, but he never runs out of a smile. Gee, who was born with a silver spoon, has everything but a smile.

Based on the BL novel entitled The Red Thread by LazySheep, Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series is about the romantic relationship between Dean (21 years old and into swimming) and Parm (19, and loves desserts). Directed by New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul, this new series follows his directorial debut Make it Right in 2016 and the controversial Love by Chance (2018). New is also directing Fhalanrak: The Series ‏set for 2020, and EN of Love, this year.

I have no idea how many Engineers there are in Thailand. But it seems to me, BL storytellers are infatuated with some of them. Why would they equate Engineers as the object of their characters’ affection if not?

Aside from SOTUS, there is a new BL series with a somewhat ‘similar’ inclination towards Engineers (and even doctors!2 Moons The Series? hello!)