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Special Feature: Upcoming Pinoy BL Drama – Part 1

The success of Thai Dramas “TharnType the Series” and “2gether The Series” pushed the Filipino Television Industry into a new kind of revolution. Pinoy BL is currently the new trend, and many production houses are trying to reap the profits of the “Boys Love” phenomenon. While “Gameboys The Series” started in an experimental phase, the popularity of the online dating saga paved the way for Black Sheep’s “Hello Stranger.” Both series have an abundance of star-studded casts, good scripts, and good direction. In the current scenario, Psychomilk brings you some more updates from the upcoming Pinoy Dramas that promise to set your screens on fire!

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Chasing Sunsets The Series – Episode 4 | A GL Series [Review]

Even the strongest person gets tired. And finally, the time has come for Farrah to put her feelings on pause, to breathe, and let go. Since the very first episode, Farrah has become everyone’s anchor as she is the one who stands strong during the tough times and prevents them from drowning. But she can’t bottle up her emotions any longer, and she breaks down. The fourth episode of Chasing Sunsets the Series, brings us closer to Farrah’s struggle as an independent woman in a world dominated by prejudice and discrimination. Sometimes in life, it is our own expectations that hurt us and lead us to misery.

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Games, Love & The Pandemic | The Gameboys Global Phenomenon

When I received a tip to reach out to IdeaFirst Company barely 12 hours before the premiere of the series Gameboys on YouTube, I never really expected anything much from a series that was marketed as a virtual meeting of two young gamers set amongst the current chaos of the Pandemic that has swept across all parts of the globe and transformed the very landscape of our normal.

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Stage Of Love The Series – Giai đoạn của tình yêu: bộ – Episode 6 [Review]

Bao becomes a victim of homophobia as Nguyen’s confession video goes viral. Nguyen decides to be the sacrificial lamb and cut off ties with Bao. This episode was a downward slope, and Khanh’s mature demeanor was the only saving grace. I wonder why people love to redirect their misperceptions and vendetta on innocents who do not deserve that kind of hatred. Let’s review Episode 6 and see how it fared.

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Hello Stranger Episode 5 [Review]

I might have jumped up and squealed like a little girl after watching the end of this episode. Episode 5 premiered to high anticipation, and the show’s producers didn’t disappoint. We have seen Xavier’s flirtatious side, but I never expected him to be such a big softie. Apparently, I was wrong, because Xavier took my breath away with a heartfelt confession. Without further ado, let’s review because I was so goddamn excited!

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Sakristan (Altar Boy) – Episode 4 [Review]

After the lovingly crafted Episode 3 of Sakristan, beautiful camera work, amazing lighting, and well-acted, even if the script was a bit hard to understand, I am optimistic about this episode. Gone is the soft-focus camera work, actors staring off when talking to each other. In their place is a well thought out episode which gave me all the hope for this one. After the anticlimactic moment of Christian leaving the church with no fanfare or drama whatsoever, I’m hoping for something that continues Episode 3’s mood. 

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Winter Begonia – 鬓边不是海棠红 (Episodes 41 – 49) Finale [Review]

I felt a sense of foreboding before writing this article. Something kept me on edge, and at times, I couldn’t find the right words. I wasn’t entirely convinced that what I wrote could do justice to this masterpiece. Some stories leave you with a lifetime of memories, and for me, Winter Begonia will always be one of them. The Japanese invasion of Beiping bought an onslaught of problems for our main leads Cheng Feng Tai and Shang Xi Rui. But they can’t be soulmates if they don’t stand beside each other and fight every battle together. Let’s review the finale episodes and follow their bittersweet journey.

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My Bromance 我的鮮肉弟弟 Review (Episodes 5 – 8)

As we delve deeper into the complex relationship that Kary has with her children Amy and Hao Ran, various shocking truths stumble out, and we are left wondering about their dynamics. Each of these characters has a secret to hide, yet they can’t help but get intertwined into each other’s lives. This mini-series is definitely following a different arc, which is pretty exciting to my bored mind that has long outgrown the cliché Engineering Faculty BL dramas.

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The Shipper – จิ้นนายกลายเป็นฉัน Episode 7 [Review]

Episode 6 saw Soda shipping herself with P’Kim. Khet realizes he likes P’Kim even though they are brothers. P’Way even dumped his girlfriend so he could pursue his love for P’Kim. All of this because Pan is still in P’Kim’s body. Determined to fix this mess by getting her body back, KimPan goes to her body. However, KimPan is confronted by Soda, who acts on her misguided feelings for P’Kim and tries for a kiss. This is KimPan’s breaking point, and they shout their truth. Soda freezes as the Angel of Death descends with her scythe toward KimPan’s throat. And now The Shipper finally moves into a new story arc, but does it sink or will it swim?

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Fake Slackers: Vol. 1 by Mu Gua Huang

(Translated by Jury)

After class placements were decided, the school’s two infamous ‘problem youth’ not only shared the same class but the same desk. They’re clearly good at studies but pretend to be slackers. Faking their own lack of knowledge, from head to toe, they just keep meandering further down the path towards academic oblivion. Have you heard the grapevine about the two older students who always fight over the last place in class? This story is a serious comedy about the little matters of growing up and learning about yourself.

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A Look Back: Red Wine in The Dark Night (2015) [Review]

BL feature films are literal chimera’s of the BL genre to fans. On the one hand, you have the Boys Love format we all know and love. But then there is the need to reach a much larger audience. For that, you have to create a larger scope of perspective, have more characters than normal, and a gripping story. Lastly, what makes a BL film either a success or a failure is the content. No longer bound by the inherent censorship of a television network, a BL film can get away with much more than a show can. This freedom from censorship allows more room to either grab the audience’s attention like in “The Blue Hour” or lose the audiences like in “Bittersweet Chocolate.” For Writer and Director Tanwarin Sukkhapisit’s feature film “Red Wine in The Dark Night,” the challenge of creating an arresting and interesting film was presented, accepted, and accomplished.

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Wreck Me Forever (Polished P & P, #1) by Lila Rose [Book Review]

Lila Rose is mostly popular for her Straight Romances, which involve alpha heroes bursting with testosterone. They are either MC sojourns or firefighters. Although she has written gay romances like Hear Me Out (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter #5), Coming Out (Hawks Motorcycle Club #4.5), I have only read her ménage romance Out of the Blue. It was quite interesting, to say the least. So when I found her new book Wreck Me Forever (Polished P & P, #1), listed on Goodreads, I knew that I had to read it. The gorgeous Cover Design was another reason for following up on this novel.

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Hello Stranger Episode 4 [Review]

After the madness that descended with the cliff-hanger ending of Episode 3, the fans waited with bated breath to figure out the “Truth” behind Xavier’s sudden online confession. The wait was worthwhile although I must admit the reveal was a bit cliché. But what made up for that awkward moment was the burning chemistry between Xavier (Tony Labrusca) and Mico (JC Alcantara). However, while Xavier and Mico are getting closer, the Young Padawans are in turmoil. As the XavMi ship sails, the marketing sleuths at Black Sheep are certainly milking the situation to their benefit. Let’s review Episode 4 and get closer to the surface of the latest happenings.

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Choose Your Own BL Adventure

The World’s First and Only Interactive BL Series

Have you ever had that feeling of frustration when your favorite character in a series just doesn’t get it? Those times when you think that they should have spoken a word, acted in a certain way, or even see another character in a different light? Well, I have. But wait, we can only cry out in exasperation as we see the series that we follow go in directions that are sometimes not totally to our liking. We know that the script rules the characters written the scriptwriters and told how to act by the directors who mostly leave us with cliffhangers that push us to count down the days until the next episode. We are totally under their control, whims, or fancies. Are we really constricted to just that – being mere viewers?

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