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Our Skyy – Episode 2 (featuring In-Sun) [Review]

Among the characters handpicked to star in the 5-episode drama Our Skyy, it’s Chimon‘s Sun and Pluem‘s In who have the least exposure. While they are considered main in My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17, it’s like New and Tay in Kiss Me Again, sharing the series with other actors.

Episode 2 of Our Skyy, offers a different take in the In-Sun relationship, which is summed up as:

One is trying to make up and confess. But the other one already has someone else.

In (Purim Pluem Rattanaruangwattana) was part of a group of bullies who took pleasure in tormenting Sun (Chimon Wachirawit Ruangwiwat) and other newcomers. Unlucky for In, there was bad blood between him and one of the more prominent bullies, thus he was out in no time. It was Sun and Ainam who took him in, thus a close bond between them developed.

Sun began to feel for In – in a romantic way and made his moves. But In prefers Ainam, or so he said. What could have been a sweet friendship between the boys turned sour. Sun tries to move on, but In sends mixed signals.

I’m going, to be honest with you. You know how I feel about you. If that kind of relationship is impossible, then I think you should just let me go. – Sun

Chimon and Pluem in Our Skyy Episode 2
Chimon plays Sun, a gay boy who is in love with Pluem’s In. Our Skyy Episode 2.

At the end of My Dear Loser, there is no closure (nor any conclusion) between the boys.

Sun and I have always been friends. He’s really a great friend. He’s the one I’m closest with. But suddenly one day he thinks of me as something else. That’s freaking unfair to me. – In

Episode 2 of Our Skyy begins with In having traveled for miles in pursuit of Sun. When they finally meet up, Sun appears to enjoy the company of a travel companion. Our young pursuer can’t help but show his displeasure. Having realized his mistake, In is not giving up.

The episode is straightforward yet packed with tension (and a gorgeous countryside location!). Having joined a photo contest entitled ‘River of Life’, Sun aims to win the plum prize of a trip to Japan. While Toey offers his technical assistance, In joins the duo and hopes to seize an opportunity to corner Sun and say his piece.

Chimon who starred in the delectable Sweet Boy (2016) and The Gifted (2018) is no amateur. He is true to his gay character and knows how Sun thinks, acts, and reacts. He delivers a performance that is filled with a certain longing and pain. At 18, he has developed an acting style that is subtle but can deliver all the necessary emotional punches.

Pluem at 21 looks so baby-faced that you could mistake him for a 17-year old. Early in his career, he plays one of the leads in the coming-of-age gem Grean Fiction (2013). He’s also part of the ensemble cast of the dance-drama Slam Dance: The Series (2017). There were few opportunities for Pluem to shine in My Dear Loser, but here, he introduces to the audience who In really is.

They have undeniable chemistry – it’s obvious that they are comfortable working closely together. Fanservice or not, the In-Sun team is a strong contender for the BL love team of the year.

One of my favorite scenes has to be the singing part were both boys play the guitar and put into music what they’ve been hiding inside.

Toey (Mike Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit), Sun’s travel companion and ‘mentor’ kept himself highly visible in In’s romantic pursuit of the other boy. Is he a rival or someone with a hidden agenda?

Having seen the other episodes where memory registers so quickly, I find the In-Sun tandem exciting and unpredictable. There’s plenty that this couple can offer to an expectant BL public.

I love everything about this episode – In’s shy, tentative, yet sincere ‘reveal’ at the end provides for a satisfying conclusion.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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He’s Coming To Me [aka They’re Celebrating Qingming Festival Next To My Grave]

[You can read our spotlight articles on the series here: Singto Romances Ohm | Series Introduction | Electrifying Photoshoot Chemistry ]

Here’s the review of Episode 1

Also known as They’re Celebrating Qingming Festival Next To My Grave, the new series (of 8 episodes) stars Singto Prachaya Ruangroj and Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee as a lonely ghost and his new-found friend.

Produced by LINE TV and is reported to be broadcasted from 28th February to 25 April 2019, the drama tackles the desperate attempt of a lonely ghost who wants to connect with humans. Luckily, he is visible to a strange young boy (Ohm) who fast became his friend. As Met (the ghost’s name, played by Singto) accompany the young boy to the city, he became attached emotionally until he develops feelings for him.

Singto is perfect for the role! He can always deliver emotional punches – with his expressive eyes, and a soothing voice that could sound sad and lonely. While Ohm remains a ‘contender’ with no lead role before this series, He’s Coming To Me, is the perfect acting vehicle to showcase his potential.

This is one of my personal biased 2019 BL series. Aside from the superb cast, I love romance and ghost (or spirits) as a combo, and the Thais are amazing when it comes to the supernatural.

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SBFIVE releases music video for new song ‘SPARK’!

Bas (of 2 Moon the Series fame) and four other Thai musicians/artists, including 2 moon co-stars Tae Darvid and Tee Tanapol Jarujittranon are making waves with the release of their latest music video for SPARK.

Music vid was released 28th December 2018 and has already garnered more than 490,000 views.

Title: Spark (ช็อต…หัวใจ)
Artist: SBFIVE
[IG: @starhunter_studio]

Executive Project Director
Yot Kornherun [ IG: OhStarhunter ]

Producer: Tunwa Ketsuwan
Lyrics: Tunwa Ketsuwan
Melody: Tunwa Ketsuwan
Arrangement: Tunwa Ketsuwan
Digital Editor: Tunwa Ketsuwan
Mixed & Mastered: Tunwa Ketsuwan
Engineered: Arttaporn sukom & Itthiporn Navaitthiporn

Suradet Piniwat (Bas) [IG: @bbasjtr]
Warodom Khemmonta (Kimmon) [IG:]
Panuwat Kerdthongtawee (Copter) [IG: @ccopter]
Darvid Kreepolrerk (Tae) [IG: @tae_darvid]
Thanapon Jarujitranon (Tee) [IG: @tee_jaruji]

Music video: HISPOP FILM
Choreograph: B HOUSE STUDIO

Contact for work : K. OH STARHUNTER 096-859-4442

Available on iTunes / Apple Music:ช-อ…
Available on JOOX:…

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You Had Me At Hello [Short Film]

Described by its production team – Capture Production – as a thesis movie project, You Had Me At Hello is a tale of young love between a slightly older boy named Tone (Jerasit Sukumpantanasarn) and Pun (Patiphan Siangphairo).

When Pun’s older sister began to worry about her brother’s poor academic performance, she seeks the help of Tone and serves as his tutor. Both boys treated this with a certain detachment. But after a few meetings, it seems they enjoy each other’s company. They became friends. And perhaps, something more.

There is nothing unique about the premise of the story. It could happen in real life. In fact, I think it happens quite a lot. What makes this short film (25 minutes) watchable is the notable chemistry between the actors.

Not sure where they got the inspiration for the title, but there’s an old Tom Cruise film named Jerry Maguire, and Cruise’s co-star Renee Zellweger delivered that line.


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Official Trailer Our Skyy [Featuring Sun and In]

Complementing the relationship between Sun (Chimon Wachirawit Ruangwiwat) and In (Purim Pluem Rattanaruangwattana) during the My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17 (2017) timeline, Our Skyy shows Inn trying desperately to catch up with Sun and bring him back into ‘his arms’.

But there seems to be someone else. Is he too late to make a confession?

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My Baby Bright, a 17-minute ad features Singto x Krist! [Video]

Commercial Mini-Series of Baby Bright cosmetics. Featuring Singto x Krist from Sotus S The Series.

Singto is Pla-Thong and his friend Tod (Krist) dies. His has some unfinished business which only means he can’t move on. Pla-Thong helps Tod figure out what that unfinished business is, and they realize how each other feels in the process.

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SOTUS duo Singto Prachaya + Kristtps Kasetsart grace Attitude Magazine cover!

The popularity of the SOTUS lead actors Singto Prachaya + Kristtps Kasetsart is undeniable. The series about the intense relationship between a senior and his junior in a technical school has been wowing audiences inside and outside Thailand.

They are also the recipients of these 6th Attitude Magazine Awards:
*Most Favorite Couple of the Year – Singto Prachaya & Krist Perawat
*Most Favorite TV Series of the Year – Sotus The Series

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Official Trailer SOTUS: The Series

The series is based on an online novel, “SOTUS พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง” by BitterSweet.

SOTUS: The Series (Thai: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง) is a 2016 Thai LGBT drama produced by GMMTV Ltd., and directed by Uphold Tradition, starring Prachaya Ruangroj and Perawat Sangpotirat. It was filmed primarily in Thailand.

The first 8 episodes aired between August 20th, 2016 and October 8th, 2016. After the passing of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the series was ordered to stop airing during the 30 day official mourning period. The remaining eight episodes were eventually shown between November 19th, 2016 and January 14th, 2017, effectively delaying the finale from its originally intended airdate of December 3rd, 2016. All episodes aired every Saturday on GMM Grammy – GMM One, with repeat episodes airing on Line TV

Plot: The “Gear” – or cogwheel – is the symbol of the Faculty of Engineering. It is part of a system of cogwheels which power and run a device (e.g. a clock). If one gear fails the device stops working. Wearing the “Gear” symbol signifies being a student of the Faculty of Engineering. However, in order to get one, all engineering freshmen must first undergo the S.O.T.U.S. (acronym for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit) system.

The third-year senior student Arthit (Perawat Sangpotirat), is the head hazer and often abuses the power afforded to him by the S.O.T.U.S system, making the freshmen do things against the rules. Freshmen students are practically powerless to complain or resist any orders given to them by their seniors. Arthit was seemingly unstoppable until Kongpob (Prachaya Ruangroj) stood up against the abuse. This initially resulted in a strained relationship between Kongpob and Arthit, however, continuous encounters between the two helps transform their relationship into something much more affectionate.

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Fluke Teerapat returns in Sotus the Series; features exciting young cast – Singto Prachaya + Kristtps Kasetsart

Of course, Fluke Teerapat is the older (step) brother in the overly dramatic, overly tragic yet endearing My Bromance. If you’ve been wondering how is he doing since all we have been updated on is mostly with Fluke Pongsatorn (Red Wine in the Dark Night, Part of Love series), then Teerapat is back with a new series, but is he playing another BL character? Not really sure…

A new series that is reportedly about to follow in the success of Lovesick is underway. SOTUS is another Yaoi novel getting a live action version. With close to 500k reads/views, it already has a loyal following. Continue reading “Fluke Teerapat returns in Sotus the Series; features exciting young cast – Singto Prachaya + Kristtps Kasetsart”

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Of Lovesick, the series and “shipping” Earn-Pete: what’s the future for August and Ngern?

You may have already noticed it, I’m more into the Earn-Pete team than anyone else, and there are so many aspects and side stories about them that a “fanboy series” seem not enough, so I asked my friend Vera who happens to ship the team too for a more thorough, detailed discussion about why Ngern Anupart and August Vachiravit are getting so much hype (which they deserve) and that their fan service is becoming so in-your-face.

… and since she knows more than me about the fandom and where to get the latest about them too! LOL (sometimes I feel so helpless that everyone else seems to know everything except me!) Anyway, so Vera had a question ready…

Vera P: In your opinion, do you think their characters and storyline would’ve been as compelling if they were played by different actors? I’ve noticed that the older fans in the fandom were more partial to them especially because they looked older than the rest of the cast members.

Jed M.: The younger fans were carried away by the fact that Noh and Phun were the main characters and they came first, so I understand the loyalty and obsession but for more discriminate fans (the older ones, as you said), they have gotten over the initial lovesickness to prefer Ngern and August. Continue reading “Of Lovesick, the series and “shipping” Earn-Pete: what’s the future for August and Ngern?”