The Best of Thai BL: Love Sick Series [Vol 1, Part 1]

A “best friend” is someone who will love you the day you forget to love yourself. – Love Sick Ep4 

We are tormented because love goes on, not because it goes away. – Love Sick Ep 11 

I should have been blogging about Thai BLs years ago! (nope, Thai movies came early in my radar, but this Thai BL ‘phenomenon’ appeared to be an adventure into the unknown).Continue reading “The Best of Thai BL: Love Sick Series [Vol 1, Part 1]”

The Fabulous TONI RAKKAEN [Profiler]

I first saw Toni Rakkaen in Josh Kim’s How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) and while his role is short, he managed to make a lasting impression.

Toni Rakkaen “IIrah Wimonchailerk” อิราวิมลชัยฤกษ์  plays the Adult ‘Oat’ who looks back on his life on the day of his own draft. Unlike his older bro who was murdered during his military draft, Toni’s character puts all the stops to prevent such tragedy from happening. His ‘Oat’ learns to be cunning, and shrewd and unforgiving.Continue reading “The Fabulous TONI RAKKAEN [Profiler]”

History Lessons: Ngern and Pete of LoveSick Part 1

So there was a time when the Yaoi (BL) universe revolves around two Japanese actors – Hamao Kyusoke and Daisuke Watanabe. Hamao has, of course, been “forced” to retire and their love team is no more. And then there was Mario Maurer and Pchy, but instead of playing with the fans’ collective imagination, they killed the fantasy even before it could have been conceived… [ Welcome to Fanboy diaries, a blog-a-thon (of sorts) featuring the events, buzz, casting news, and even personal bits of info about Thai actors Ngern and August ]Continue reading “History Lessons: Ngern and Pete of LoveSick Part 1”