The first 4 episodes of 2 Moons 2: The series has already exceeded my expectations. Someone said I was desperate to promote the new drama when there is not enough ‘clout’ to influence the fans yet.

I disagree with the apparently biased opinion by saying this: The drama by acclaimed filmmaker Anusorn – even without the new materials – is already far superior to the previous season. 

What strikes me about Episode 3 is the emotional roller coaster ride between the 2 major couples. And that the intense interaction between Yo and Phana, Ming and Kit continue in Episode 4 unabated.

Comparing the scenes with the previous series is unavoidable, simply because the new series is just too good! Each episode requires second or third viewing for both pleasure and critical analysis.

Thai model and actor Joong Archen have big shoes to fill in  2 Moons 2 The Series. He plays Ming, the campus King (or Moon for that matter) previously performed by Kim Varodom Khemmonta. Better known as Kimmon, the 27-year old actor plays the main protagonist (Wayo’s) best friend. As the series progresses,  Ming becomes attracted to Phana’s buddy, Kit.

Experience taught us that when we see something special, we know it immediately. That’s my initial reaction to Episode 1 of 2 Moons 2 during its first 15 minutes (excluding the cast intro).

I have seen and heard them previously – the initial conflict between Phana and Wayo, the show of ‘reverence’ towards Wayo who is – after all – a very rich kid, the selection of the Moons, how the student body reacts when Phana appears. While there are 3 BL couples, Episode 1 concentrates on Wayo and Phana. [with Ming, played by Joong Archen as scene-stealer.]