BL YAOI Tropes? Not with Fighter and Tutor!

Are you one of those fans thinking Why RU has a magnificent story, the best BL couple ever portrayed, chemistry out the ying-yang, and a realistic coming-out story line? We're talking specifically about the characters Fighter and Tutor here. Do…
Final Impressions

You Make Me Dance 당신은 나를 춤추게합니다

I know I gave it five stars from the first two episodes. There were six episodes left.  Surely I wouldn't be foolish enough to keep my five-star rating across all eight episodes, right?  Well, you are right and wrong. Read…

Interview with BL Haven, Director & Screenwriter for upcoming BLs Turbulence and Frenzy

Questions for the Director and Screenwriter Louis Archie Perez 1) What inspired you to launch a BL series? What is the background story behind "Turbulence" Turbulence was inspired by, believe it or not, a seemingly out of topic conversation when…
Chinese Casting
Faraway Wanderers 天涯客 | (2021)
Pinoy Casting
News Update: Are You Ready for Some Turbulence?
Initial Impressions
You Make Me Dance 당신은 나를 춤추게합니다
Initial Impressions
Tale of a 1000 Stars
Change is Coming to Psychomilk
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UPDATED: Thai BL News: Secret Admirer the Series

UPDATED: The Psychomilk/LWG YouTube page has just posted our interview with the cast of "Secret Admirer", including our beloved Earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWJALX6cNps&pbjreload=101 Adapted from popular Thai BL Author Jamie's successful novel "Secret Admirer," this show certainly drew mass attention because of…

To Wife or Not to Wife – Thoughts on the usage of the noun in Thai BL

In the TharnType fandom that I find myself practically living in, since discovering Mame's controversial LBC universe last year, a constant complaint I hear from a lot of viewers, especially Western ones, is this: the practice of calling the receiver…

PsychoMilk Talks to #TEAMSUPER

The New Comer in Pinoy BL Series Since it first started in May 2020, the Pinoy BL series crop has become one of the viewers' favorites as it gives us a different flavor and unique watching experience. With nearly 50…
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Unhallowed (Rath and Rune #1) by Jordan L. Hawk
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The 2020 Psycho BL Awards
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Ultimate Note | 终极笔记 Episodes 19-36 [Review]
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Soul Snatcher [Review]
Psychomilk Talks to the Author of ‘Secret Admirer’ – Jamie
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Vietnamese BL Movie: Hey Rival, I Love You | Tình địch anh yêu em [Review]
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Ingredients ส่วนผสมที่ลงตัว [Series Review]
News: Vietnamese BL Series “Fools – Những Kẻ Khờ”
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Color Rush | 컬러 러쉬 (2020) [Series Review]