Something just doesn’t feel right.

While the past 3 episodes show the bonding between Thun (Ohm Pawat) and Met (Singto Prachaya), Episode 4 is highly-charged and emotional in so far as Met’s continued presence. Is there a chance Met may disappear into the hereafter and never to come back?


He’s Coming to Me Episode 1 took off to a good start.  But Episode 2 is better- way better!

There is some eye candy (sexy scenes featuring Ohm) and school life featuring Ohm (Thun) and his two buddies and one girlfriend. Singto (Met) now lives with Thun. It seems it only takes a few tricks for him to leave the cemetery. He settles comfortably in Thun’s sofa and begins to enjoy the ‘wonders’ of the internet. you see, he has been dead for 20 years, thus everything seems so exciting!

When you pair two attractive Thai actors known to have dramatic chops, expect excitement! This is exactly what’s happening now as the blitz for He’s Coming to Me reaches fever pitch.

Starring Singto (as a wandering ghost) and Ohm as his living mate, He’s Coming to Me tells the tale of a ghost who wanders between Earth and the hereafter, in search of his identity and in the process, encounters a young lonely boy who connects with him in many ways.