One of the most fascinating Thai BL drama, is without a doubt, 2 Moons: The Series. While many prefer the first couple Phana-Wayo, I’m quite interested in the story and character development of Ming and Kit.

Season One and its ‘original’ cast may have been relegated into the background with the introduction of a new cast, but both actors who play Ming and Kit are much appreciated!


There is only one more episode of He’s Coming to Me and Episode 7 is a true-blue cliffhanger! There has been speculation on how Met died. The series also put the spotlight on Met’s cassette tape filled with Thai pop music and the ever-reliable walkman. They represent things from the past and may hold the key to who Met really is.

Fresh faces in the Thai BL universe, and we’re into Part 4! Featuring newcomers from The Effect and The Best Twin series. We’re looking for new actors with acting potential, thus you won’t find the likes of Singto, Ohm, Saint, and the rest of today’s hottest young Thai actors here. These are relatively new – with 2018 and this year projects only.

The Ohm-Singto ghost-bromance-BL drama, He’s Coming to Me, is about to end in 2 upcoming episodes. The series – thus far – has exceeded all of my expectations. For a drama that tells the tale of a lonely ghost who befriends an even lonelier human, it has a lot of heart! And the drama! – more than I could possibly bear.

We originally intended to put up a Top 20 list. However, the BL universe – apparently – has plenty of suggestions. We are extending this list into a Top 30 instead.

This hitlist is fresh faces, which means the actors are relatively new – with 1 or 2 projects (lead or supporting). What we are looking for is that hotness factor – not necessarily the looks, but more on the acting potential.

Fresh Thai faces in the BL universe! There’s a lot of them – in auditions, in modeling photoshoots, in TV commercials. But only those who are cast in 2018-2019 BL series are chosen. These are new, aspiring actors who want to enter the exciting Thai BL universe and play challenging, cutesy, famous Boys Love characters!

Who are they? There are 30 of them and you are about to find out!