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Chance to Love (LBC2) – Episode 4 [Review]

Beginning with Tin, Can, and Lay (Lemon, Can’s younger sister using her nickname now) at a mall restaurant, details about Can are revealed. Tin’s view of Can changes now aware of what a good person Can actually is. Techno learns his brother is aware of his moment with Kengkla and runs away to Type. Ae, still smarting after the intervention from Mai, contemplates making changes. Tul and Tin have another tense conversation that upsets Tul. Tul visits a teacher or teacher’s aide named Hin, and they share an intimate moment. 

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Together with Me (อกหักมารักกับผม) Episode 2 [Review]

Although I wasn’t quite as pleased with Knock’s prickly attitude in the pilot episode, his character graph got marginally better in the second. His character had major issues with his and Korn’s “wild night gone awry,” but the fact remains that they have been a daily fixture in each other’s lives. When friendship becomes a habit, it’s hard to break off. Knock’s issues about having “sex” with his best friend go beyond basic insecurity. But as they decide to let bygones be in the past, Korn’s decision to stay away from Korn results in major upheaval.

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Oxygen the Series ออกซิเจนเดอะซีรีส์ (2020) – Episode 1 [Review]

What happens when a boy who has forgotten how to smile meets a kindred soul with a warm smile? They would eventually walk the same paths, grow closer, and literally become each other’s “Oxygen.”

I will be very frank and admit that I haven’t read the translated version of “Oxygen.” So, I went into this show with zero expectations and returned with a huge smile on my face. I haven’t stopped smiling yet. The Pilot episode was sprinkled with adorable moments and lots of sweetness. Stocked with a fairly new star cast, the storyline would have fallen flat if it wasn’t for the right amount of affable chemistry between the three couples portrayed with an honesty that makes them so humane and relatable. It might be the “heart-stopping” first meeting of Gui and Solo or Kao’s sudden “Love Confession” to Phuri!

This review is a joint effort with Jenhg. See her thoughts on this episode at her blog. I’m sure you love reading her thought’s as much as I did.

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Still 2Gether – เพราะเราคู่กัน (2020) Episode 4 [Review]

Episode 4 of Still 2gether was a filler sort of episode where even a die-hard fan like me questions Tine’s seemingly exaggerated sadness over Sarawat being gone. However, I did appreciate some of the moments where he realized how he had been very casual in his approach to Sarawat and this relationship. All is well in the world of the other two couples so far, and it was good to finally have a definitive direction for Mil & Phukong because I was scared Mil would not change his stand until the very end (and then have another high five!)

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Chance to Love (LBC2) – Episode 3 [Review]

Still smarting from the kiss with Tin, Can is confused. Thinking about it constantly while everyone around him wonders if he’s crazy or in love. Meanwhile, Tin is continuing to deal with the mind games his family is playing with him. His solace comes from his own feelings of kissing that “dirty and cute” man. Ae’s spiral into drunken depression is hit with a wall of friendship and a well-aimed soccer ball. Finally, ending with a hilarious chance meeting at the mall. Love sometimes happens by chance. 

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Chance to Love (LBC2) – Episodes 1 – 2 [Review]

“Love by Chance” was my first experience with the BL genre, and although the show pretty much had a happy ending for our favorite couple Ae and Pete, the inextricable confusion thrust upon Tin and Can was indeed jarring. Although I thoroughly despised Tin’s arrogance along with Can’s gullible nature, they are a “match made in Heaven.” Their dynamics in Love by Chance was clear from the start, “Pretty Rich Boy falls for Pretty Idiot.” The season finale broke them apart when Can relegated Tin into the “Friendship Zone,” and Tin was emotionally distraught to the point that he attempted washing off the feeling under his showerhead.

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Still 2Gether – เพราะเราคู่กัน (2020) Episode 3 [Review]

Episode 3 of the sequel to the hit series “2gether The Series” finds our cast of lovers dealing with the various changes to their lives from Episode 2. Tine and Sarawat adjust to their new roles as Directors of their respective clubs. Man and Type are separated because of Type’s new position in Phuket. Phukong is now a cheerleader and taking the position way more seriously than just to get Mil’s attention warrants. As the episode rolls along at a slower pace than the previous two, it becomes apparent that certain characters are not handling their decisions well. 

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Together with Me (อกหักมารักกับผม) Episode 1 [Review]

In an age where Thai BL was steadily searching for its roots, one delicious couple skyrocketed the genre’s popularity to unprecedented levels. That couple, of course, is Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn, most popularly known by their common moniker “MaxTul,” and the drama series is “Together with Me.” There is something about watching two gay Adonises fighting for supremacy in bed that leaves you breathless and demanding more. Their sensual chemistry burns the sheets and sets our screens on fire. But what made the show a global phenomenon is the carefully structured storyline including very effective supporting characters.

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Roommate the Series รูมเมทเดอะซีรีส์ | Episode 4 & Special [Review]

On August 16th, when the trailer for Episode 4 was released on Twitter, the Roommate series team also shared a message to the fans because a lot of us were surprised and upset to see that this series had only four episodes. Thankfully, we got a special episode for this series this week, which in my opinion, was just “Episode 5” because it was the proper closure to this sweet story. But what’s in a name! I am sure most of the viewers are pleased with this show and the way it ended.

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Still 2Gether – เพราะเราคู่กัน (2020) Episode 2 [Review]

Everyone who knows me on twitter is aware of my love for 2gether the Series [yeah, even the high-five did not make me like #SarawatTine any less], so when Still 2gether was announced with a different director, I was very excited. The trailer and the first episode totally lived up to my expectations (and then some). The first episodes ended on a really high note with a lot of humor, love, and quite organic conflicts with a resolution for all of them.

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In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam) – Episode 2 [Review]

The second episode of In Between the Series brings us closer to Tau and Tep’s love story as they’re trying to mend their broken relationship. Tau is the one who is eager to win back Tep’s heart, while the latter seems not too interested in the invitation. With the ‘help’ of their friends, the two ex-lovers gradually open up their hearts, revealing the truth that has been buried for a long time.

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Roommate the Series รูมเมทเดอะซีรีส์ | Episode 3 [Review]

On August 16th, when the trailer for Episode 4 was released on Twitter, the Roommate Series team also pinned the message below for the fans because a lot of us were surprised and disappointed to see that this series only has four episodes –

Dear Fans:

The “Roommate the Series • This room is for only you” is a small project that all of us wanted to create as a Boys Love series. All of us, the staff, and the actors worked together to think and create this series for ourselves.  [We] do not have the budget. There are not any sponsors.  Everything we do [was done] by ourselves. And [we] just want to make a great short-series on our channel, so we [could] only do four episodes. Thank you for all [of] your support. Every criticism and compliment, every encouragement, and everyone who loves and supports our series. That [is] beyond our expectations. If there is an opportunity, [and] Double M Studio and “Roommate the Series • This room is for only you” get support from a sponsor, we hope we’ll be able to create works that will come out for everyone to see in the future and we will make it even better.


Double M Studio

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Still 2Gether – เพราะเราคู่กัน (2020) Episode 1 [Review]

The Boys Are Back in Town

“Still2gether the Series”, the sequel to the GMMTV series “2gether the Series” debuted today. All of the cast was back and this time in some different places in their lives, or in one couples situation the same place. There was talk of it taking place ten years later. But Episode 1 picks up with them a year in the future, still being their silly, overly dramatic selves.

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Roommate the Series รูมเมทเดอะซีรีส์ | Episodes 1 – 2 [Review]

When a stranger comes to the same room. Unintentionally, how will the story of two boys be?

“Roommate the Series” premiered on July 29th, 2020. The show airs Wednesdays @ 9:30 PM (Thailand Time) on their official YouTube channel with English Subtitles. The show features a cast of mostly newcomers, Roommate the Series focuses on the trope of “strangers forced to be roommates – becoming lovers.” Main characters of this Thai BL are James, played by Game Chusak Thu-Naa and Sky, played by Golf Trithep Krungsrimuang.

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The Moment Since ที่ทำให้หัวใจเต้นแรง (Episodes 1 and 2 [Review]

The second season of “The Moment,” starring Thanapon Aiemkumchai and Bank Thanatip premiered on  August 1st, 2020, to high anticipation. Bank and Thanapon reprise their roles of Dr. Mok and bartender Bay, along with Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit, who plays Bay’s boss Boston. This season, however, we have a new character in their midst, bringing turmoil to Mok and Bay’s perfect love story. TharnType star AA Pattarabut Kiennukul plays the flirtatious eye candy, Jimmy. Will Mok’s possessive nature stand the test of time, or will they fall apart? Let’s review the first two episodes and get to know them better.

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Ingredients ส่วนผสมที่ลงตัว | (Episodes 7 – 8) [Review]

“Caring” is a two-way street. If only one party keeps receiving and doesn’t give back, then the relationship would surely get weary sooner than later. Marwin has always been on the receiving end of the care extended by Tops. So, what happens when the tables turn and Tops is the one in need of TLC? Will Marwin live up to the challenge? Episodes 7 and 8 highlighted a different side of Tops and Marwin’s relationship, which was invariably pleasant and a total surprise to Mike, Marwin’s friend. Let’s review and enjoy the adorable moments sprinkled with a gourmet flair!

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