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My Bromance 我的鮮肉弟弟 (Episodes 9 – 12) [Review]

Kary’s curiosity gets her into major trouble with Hao Ran. As shocking truths stumble out of the bag, Amy and Hao Ran are faced with the important decision of revealing the truth to their mother. The finale episodes neatly tied up loose ends and resolved major issues that teenagers face when they are going through the “Coming Out” phase. It’s difficult and confusing, but it’s necessary. This show gave me important life lessons that will forever be etched in my memories.

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My Bromance 我的鮮肉弟弟 Review (Episodes 5 – 8)

As we delve deeper into the complex relationship that Kary has with her children Amy and Hao Ran, various shocking truths stumble out, and we are left wondering about their dynamics. Each of these characters has a secret to hide, yet they can’t help but get intertwined into each other’s lives. This mini-series is definitely following a different arc, which is pretty exciting to my bored mind that has long outgrown the cliché Engineering Faculty BL dramas.

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My Bromance 我的鮮肉弟弟 Review (Ep.1 to 4)

My Bromance is a light-hearted Taiwanese BL mini-series featuring main leads Amy Lai and Hao Ran Lai’s hilarious attempts to hide their secrets from their meddling, nosy, and homophobic mother. The show premiered on EBC Network’s YouTube channel on April 11th, 2020, and is fast approaching the 1M viewership ratings. The mini-series focuses on the relationship between Kary and her children, Amy and Hao Ran. Whether she accepts them and their life decisions are yet to be seen.

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HIStory2: Right or Wrong 是非 [Review]

My introduction to the HIStory series was through Trapped, which is my favorite story in the web drama anthology created by Chang Ting-fei. “Right or Wrong” is one of the four-episode stories in the second season of this series, but the one that I watched the last. [And I regret judging it by the synopsis alone]

He wants to drag you into the sunlight to walk together; So you shouldn’t drag him into the darkness to hide

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