There is only one more episode of He’s Coming to Me and Episode 7 is a true-blue cliffhanger! There has been speculation on how Met died. The series also put the spotlight on Met’s cassette tape filled with Thai pop music and the ever-reliable walkman. They represent things from the past and may hold the key to who Met really is.

The Ohm-Singto ghost-bromance-BL drama, He’s Coming to Me, is about to end in 2 upcoming episodes. The series – thus far – has exceeded all of my expectations. For a drama that tells the tale of a lonely ghost who befriends an even lonelier human, it has a lot of heart! And the drama! – more than I could possibly bear.

He’s Coming to Me Episode 1 took off to a good start.  But Episode 2 is better- way better!

There is some eye candy (sexy scenes featuring Ohm) and school life featuring Ohm (Thun) and his two buddies and one girlfriend. Singto (Met) now lives with Thun. It seems it only takes a few tricks for him to leave the cemetery. He settles comfortably in Thun’s sofa and begins to enjoy the ‘wonders’ of the internet. you see, he has been dead for 20 years, thus everything seems so exciting!