Why RU, the Series – Special Episode [Recap+ Review]

When filmmakers create documentaries, they need to make sure that the visuals are engaging. Otherwise, viewers will get bored and more than half will likely move on and watch something else.

What the Duck: Final Call – รักแลนดิ้ง [First & Last Impressions]

What the Duck: Final Call might as well be renamed What the Fuck: Last Call. A complete waste of my time and so will you if you decided to give it a try. I have been warned about the first Season and I still am defiant and wanted to try it myself. After 1-2 episodesContinue reading “What the Duck: Final Call – รักแลนดิ้ง [First & Last Impressions]”

The Best Twins – รักจิ้น ฟินเฟร่อ [First Impressions]

Episode 1 of The Best Twins is released already! Starring the original BL couple from Loves Coming – Mild and Pak – the series is about twin brothers with different sexual orientation.