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Gameboys The Series – Episode 8 [Review]

At the end of Episode 7, Cai gets the call from his mother about his father’s passing. Cai breaks down, but it is not just his tears that made the viewers cry but also the silent tears of total empathy from Gav, who wants to be with Cai at this moment but Cai logs out without a word.

You lived your life fully happily – for yourself and the people you cared for – and we take comfort & pride in that

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Hook Up the Series – Episodes 1 – 2 [Review]

Following the release of Truly Very Yours two months ago, J.ACE TV is back with its newest digital BL series, Hook Up the Series, which aims to give a fun and entertaining show to viewers during the quarantine. The still homemade series tells stories of Lee and Henry, two young boys who wish to ease their loneliness amid the pandemics by finding friends (or maybe potential lovers) through an online dating application. As their budding relationship grows closer in each episode of the series, viewers are invited to take a closer look at the online dating world that has become a new trend in this modern era, but on the other hand, also arouses the suspicion of many people. Through Lee and Henry’s love journey, viewers hope to get the answer to a question that has been bugging them forever: Can we really find love through the digital platform?

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In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam) – Episode 2 [Review]

The second episode of In Between the Series brings us closer to Tau and Tep’s love story as they’re trying to mend their broken relationship. Tau is the one who is eager to win back Tep’s heart, while the latter seems not too interested in the invitation. With the ‘help’ of their friends, the two ex-lovers gradually open up their hearts, revealing the truth that has been buried for a long time.

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GagaOOlala: Unlocked – Episode 2 [Review]

Calvin and Drake

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, the lockdown restriction has become stricter than before, putting many couples into an ultimate test of love as they’re forced to spend all of their time together at home. For those who are comfortable in each other’s embrace as well as able to build healthy communication with their partner, staying together seems like paradise that will only make their relationship stronger. However, for couples who are dealing with a crumbling relationship, every second that they spend together feels like a nightmare that they wish would disappear right after opening their eyes in the next morning. And when it happens for days, all they can do is wait for a chance to break away.

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Sakristan (Altar Boy) – Episode 5 [Review]

Christian and Zach have come a long way on the journey of their love.  From friends to tutor and student to each other’s crushes and finally now they are boyfriend’s. Their lives together are full of possibilities, but as more people learn about them.  The reactions to their love sends shockwaves through their lives and changes them for better or worse.

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Hello Stranger Finale – Episode 8 [Review]

True Love always finds its way back to you. The path might be undecided, yet it always leads to the one you cherish

The Hello Stranger finale wasn’t perfect, far from it. But at times, the imperfections are so realistic that it makes you realize that our main leads are also human beings. The episode conveyed Mico’s most poignant fears as well as the self-discovery of his true feelings. It takes an incredible amount of courage to accept your feelings, not only in front of your friends but also to the person you love. JC Alcantra portrays Mico with larger-than-life exuberance, and I’m betting that no other actor could have played this role as well as he did. The character Xavier had a few surprises of his own in this episode as well. Did these two characters have an inevitable bonding from the start, or was there romance pre-destined? Let’s figure this out as we review Episode 8.

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My Day the Series – Episode 2 [Review]

We start out where we left off, which is Ace falling into Sky’s arms as he slipped on a water bottle. It’s cheesy but cute, especially in the slow-motion shot with everyone’s features so slapstick. You can’t help but giggle. Of course, Ace gets hurt and has to be rushed to the clinic, the big baby.  We can still see the tension between Sky and Ace as Ace blames Sky for his injury. The scene shifts to Ace’s house, revealing the stars of the second episode, Ace’s dogs.

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Kumusta Bro Episode1 [Review]

What happens when the best minds in the Pinoy Industry get together to give us the “The World’s First and Only Interactive BL Series.” Endless possibilities and a fluffy storyline with lots of kilig! Kumusta Bro is an ambitious project spearheaded by Firestarter Productions along with the Filipino Live Streaming Platform, Kumu to live broadcast the romantic interactions between their main leads, while the Kumunity (a community of powered by artists, educators, and everyday Filipinos, paid to become a live streamer and win cash prizes by playing live games) decide their fate. Sounds interesting enough?

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Hello Stranger Episode 7 [Review]

Our Happiness shouldn’t be based on how people perceive us, but on how we truly see ourselves

The truth hurts and is inexplicable at times. But the fact remains that facing the truth and accepting it requires courage. I’m so angry and disappointed by the turn of events in the current episode. Xavier may be confused, but I don’t think that after Mico’s dismissal that dragging Crystal into the mess is going to help solve his problems. Mico himself needs to stop playing the agony child and be clear about his feelings. The struggle between their real emotions as well their inability to admit them is becoming too tiring for the viewers, this viewer anyway. Let’s review and figure out how things why these two knuckleheads are being so intractable!

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Gameboys The Series – Episode 6 [Review]

Saying sorry to someone you love is hard. But it’s easier than losing someone you love for not saying sorry

At the end of Episode 5, we saw Cai questions Gavreel about using his grandmother’s demise as a sob story to make guys fall for him, which triggers strong emotions in Gav. Because of this, Gav asks Cai if he wants him to stop courting and for them to end their communication. Gav is too hurt by this, and he drops the call, unable to control his tears.

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