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Together with Me (อกหักมารักกับผม) Episode 2 [Review]

Although I wasn’t quite as pleased with Knock’s prickly attitude in the pilot episode, his character graph got marginally better in the second. His character had major issues with his and Korn’s “wild night gone awry,” but the fact remains that they have been a daily fixture in each other’s lives. When friendship becomes a habit, it’s hard to break off. Knock’s issues about having “sex” with his best friend go beyond basic insecurity. But as they decide to let bygones be in the past, Korn’s decision to stay away from Korn results in major upheaval.

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Oxygen the Series ออกซิเจนเดอะซีรีส์ (2020) – Episode 1 [Review]

What happens when a boy who has forgotten how to smile meets a kindred soul with a warm smile? They would eventually walk the same paths, grow closer, and literally become each other’s “Oxygen.”

I will be very frank and admit that I haven’t read the translated version of “Oxygen.” So, I went into this show with zero expectations and returned with a huge smile on my face. I haven’t stopped smiling yet. The Pilot episode was sprinkled with adorable moments and lots of sweetness. Stocked with a fairly new star cast, the storyline would have fallen flat if it wasn’t for the right amount of affable chemistry between the three couples portrayed with an honesty that makes them so humane and relatable. It might be the “heart-stopping” first meeting of Gui and Solo or Kao’s sudden “Love Confession” to Phuri!

This review is a joint effort with Jenhg. See her thoughts on this episode at her blog. I’m sure you love reading her thought’s as much as I did.

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Tiến Bromance | Episode 9 [Review]

Last episode, Tai realized that Tiến wasn’t to blame for the murder of his friend. At that moment, as if by magic, Tiến appears behind him and the two embrace. Everything Tai has assumed is proven wrong by the magic of remembering what he should have known the entire time. And as the two share their happily ever after, a woman, we all know watches from the trees. Not Hong, but Phong and she is not happy with this happily ever after, not one bit. 

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Still 2Gether – เพราะเราคู่กัน (2020) Episode 4 [Review]

Episode 4 of Still 2gether was a filler sort of episode where even a die-hard fan like me questions Tine’s seemingly exaggerated sadness over Sarawat being gone. However, I did appreciate some of the moments where he realized how he had been very casual in his approach to Sarawat and this relationship. All is well in the world of the other two couples so far, and it was good to finally have a definitive direction for Mil & Phukong because I was scared Mil would not change his stand until the very end (and then have another high five!)

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Legend of Exorcism – 天宝伏妖录 – Episode 2 [Review]

The second episode of Legend of Exorcism is rather slow-paced with major character introductions. The show is setting a precedent to the importance of the erstwhile “Court of Exorcism.” Although the Court isn’t exactly revered in its current dilapidated state, it’s rise to popularity rests on the shoulders of our heroes, who, under the leadership of General Li Jinglong, will battle the demons to maintain the peace and safety of the citizens in the city of Chang’an.

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Chance to Love (LBC2) – Episode 3 [Review]

Still smarting from the kiss with Tin, Can is confused. Thinking about it constantly while everyone around him wonders if he’s crazy or in love. Meanwhile, Tin is continuing to deal with the mind games his family is playing with him. His solace comes from his own feelings of kissing that “dirty and cute” man. Ae’s spiral into drunken depression is hit with a wall of friendship and a well-aimed soccer ball. Finally, ending with a hilarious chance meeting at the mall. Love sometimes happens by chance. 

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Scumbag System 穿书自救指南 – 2020 Episode 1 [Review]

The most anticipated Chinese Donghua of 2020 is finally here. Yes, you guessed it right! I’m talking about “The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System” 3D animation series. “Scumbag System or 穿书自救指南,” which roughly translates to “Survivor’s Guide to Novel Transmigration,” premiered on various WeTV platforms airing weekly episodes from September 10th, 2020. The anime Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan, which has been the talk of the town for the past few months, is a “Bromance” adaptation of Chinese BL web novel Ren Zha Fanpai Zijiu Xitong by MXTX (墨香铜臭 Mòxiāng Tóngxiù), originally published on Wen Xue Cheng. For those who haven’t yet recognized the name, MXTX is the author of the famed “Untamed” series.

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Chance to Love (LBC2) – Episodes 1 – 2 [Review]

“Love by Chance” was my first experience with the BL genre, and although the show pretty much had a happy ending for our favorite couple Ae and Pete, the inextricable confusion thrust upon Tin and Can was indeed jarring. Although I thoroughly despised Tin’s arrogance along with Can’s gullible nature, they are a “match made in Heaven.” Their dynamics in Love by Chance was clear from the start, “Pretty Rich Boy falls for Pretty Idiot.” The season finale broke them apart when Can relegated Tin into the “Friendship Zone,” and Tin was emotionally distraught to the point that he attempted washing off the feeling under his showerhead.

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Still 2Gether – เพราะเราคู่กัน (2020) Episode 3 [Review]

Episode 3 of the sequel to the hit series “2gether The Series” finds our cast of lovers dealing with the various changes to their lives from Episode 2. Tine and Sarawat adjust to their new roles as Directors of their respective clubs. Man and Type are separated because of Type’s new position in Phuket. Phukong is now a cheerleader and taking the position way more seriously than just to get Mil’s attention warrants. As the episode rolls along at a slower pace than the previous two, it becomes apparent that certain characters are not handling their decisions well. 

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Beloved Enemy (决对争锋) Episodes 13 – 15 [Review]

Revenge and hatred are quite strong emotions. Coupled with the need to punish the one you loved dearly, these emotions might very well take you on the path to destruction. When you have a self-destructive attitude like Yuan Yang, the consequences can be even more tragic. As Gu Qing Pei struggles to balance his personal life and work, Yuan Yang’s return from America and his subsequent actions lead to irreversible damage. With his misguided notions, he sets up a trap that ends up putting both his father and Gu Qing Pei on the warpath. However, the real question is, will Qing Pei forgive him yet again? Or will his actions break their fragile relationship beyond limits?

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Gameboys The Series – Episode 8 [Review]

At the end of Episode 7, Cai gets the call from his mother about his father’s passing. Cai breaks down, but it is not just his tears that made the viewers cry but also the silent tears of total empathy from Gav, who wants to be with Cai at this moment but Cai logs out without a word.

You lived your life fully happily – for yourself and the people you cared for – and we take comfort & pride in that

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Together with Me (อกหักมารักกับผม) Episode 1 [Review]

In an age where Thai BL was steadily searching for its roots, one delicious couple skyrocketed the genre’s popularity to unprecedented levels. That couple, of course, is Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn, most popularly known by their common moniker “MaxTul,” and the drama series is “Together with Me.” There is something about watching two gay Adonises fighting for supremacy in bed that leaves you breathless and demanding more. Their sensual chemistry burns the sheets and sets our screens on fire. But what made the show a global phenomenon is the carefully structured storyline including very effective supporting characters.

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Hook Up the Series – Episodes 1 – 2 [Review]

Following the release of Truly Very Yours two months ago, J.ACE TV is back with its newest digital BL series, Hook Up the Series, which aims to give a fun and entertaining show to viewers during the quarantine. The still homemade series tells stories of Lee and Henry, two young boys who wish to ease their loneliness amid the pandemics by finding friends (or maybe potential lovers) through an online dating application. As their budding relationship grows closer in each episode of the series, viewers are invited to take a closer look at the online dating world that has become a new trend in this modern era, but on the other hand, also arouses the suspicion of many people. Through Lee and Henry’s love journey, viewers hope to get the answer to a question that has been bugging them forever: Can we really find love through the digital platform?

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