Episode 5 features fresh content – new drama! new conflict! new intensity!

Is Ming destined for some shattered dreams? Can Phana and Wayo adjust to their new relationship and withstand the test of a ‘real’ rival and a new admirer?


What strikes me about Episode 3 is the emotional roller coaster ride between the 2 major couples. And that the intense interaction between Yo and Phana, Ming and Kit continue in Episode 4 unabated.

Comparing the scenes with the previous series is unavoidable, simply because the new series is just too good! Each episode requires second or third viewing for both pleasure and critical analysis.

Experience taught us that when we see something special, we know it immediately. That’s my initial reaction to Episode 1 of 2 Moons 2 during its first 15 minutes (excluding the cast intro).

I have seen and heard them previously – the initial conflict between Phana and Wayo, the show of ‘reverence’ towards Wayo who is – after all – a very rich kid, the selection of the Moons, how the student body reacts when Phana appears. While there are 3 BL couples, Episode 1 concentrates on Wayo and Phana. [with Ming, played by Joong Archen as scene-stealer.]

With only 3 episodes, Reminders the Series brings back both wonderful and not-so-wonderful memories. You see, Love Sick, when it was shown a few years ago, remains a trailblazer in the Thai BL universe. Its depiction of young, romantic (sometimes even scandalous) affair remains debatable. Is it worth it to hurt a girl in favor of another boy you want to have sex with?

When it was first announced that He’s Coming to Me will only have 8 episodes, I was a bit skeptical that it will have a satisfying ending. That’s my experience with some Japanese drama series. However, the ghost-romantic-mystery drama starring Singto and Ohm prove me wrong. At more than one hour, Episode 8 was able to give the audience a much-needed closure. That is, in addition to some intense, confrontation scenes and also some romantic, comedic scenes as well.

Young Thai’s fascination with handsome ‘gay’ couples has further ignited their local beauty industry. Products from unknown brands struggling to gain a foothold on the market capitalize on the popularity of such ‘gay’ couples.

This is one of the premises behind the film Boyfriend. While not really a couple sharing intimate moments, Toey and Aek agree to play along.

So let’s see…

What the Duck: Final Call might as well be renamed What the Fuck: Last Call. A complete waste of my time and so will you if you decided to give it a try. I have been warned about the first Season and I still am defiant and wanted to try it myself. After 1-2 episodes I gave up. For ‘Final Call’ I endured the first 4 Episodes to make sure that I gave it more than a chance.

There is only one more episode of He’s Coming to Me and Episode 7 is a true-blue cliffhanger! There has been speculation on how Met died. The series also put the spotlight on Met’s cassette tape filled with Thai pop music and the ever-reliable walkman. They represent things from the past and may hold the key to who Met really is.

The Ohm-Singto ghost-bromance-BL drama, He’s Coming to Me, is about to end in 2 upcoming episodes. The series – thus far – has exceeded all of my expectations.¬†For a drama that tells the tale of a lonely ghost who befriends an even lonelier human, it has a lot of heart! And the drama! – more than I could possibly bear.