Bright Vachirawit – วชิรวิชญ์ ชีวอารี [Profiler]

Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree [ วชิรวิชญ์ ชีวอารี ] is a GMM artist known for his roles in Love Song: Love series and Social Death Vote. 2Gether the series is his first BL drama.

Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong – คณาวุฒิ ไตรพิพัฒนพงษ์ [Profiler]

It was a few months ago when the BL community in Thailand became fascinated with the auditions for a certain drama series. That series is TharnType and people are on the lookout for anything related to Love By Chance. One of the fresh faces to audition for a part is Gulf Kanawut.

Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee – จิตต์สว่างดี [Profiler – Ones2Watch Series]

With about 10 projects to his credit, Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee, is a definite rising star. He scored big in the Make It Right series as Frame, the boyfriend of a sex video scandal victim (Book, played by Toey Sittiwat Imerbpathom.) His character is said to be the complete opposite of the real Ohm.

Joong Archen Wiraphakul อาเชน วิรภากุล [Profiler – Ones2Watch Series]

Thai model and actor Joong Archen have big shoes to fill in 2 Moons 2 The Series. He plays Ming, the campus King (or Moon for that matter) previously performed by Kim Varodom Khemmonta. Better known as Kimmon, the 27-year old actor plays the main protagonist (Wayo’s) best friend. As the series progresses, Ming becomesContinue reading “Joong Archen Wiraphakul อาเชน วิรภากุล [Profiler – Ones2Watch Series]”

Saint Suppapong – ศุภพงษ์ อุดมแก้วกาญจนา [Profiler – Ones2Watch Series]

With such a memorable screen name as Saint, Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana created quite a stir. Not to mention massive loyal followers. As the rich gay boy Pete in Love By Chance, he almost redefined what it meant to be cool.

Chimon Wachirawit วชิรวิชญ์ เรืองวิวรรธน์ [Profiler – Ones2Watch Series]

At 19, Thai actor Chimon Wachirawit is already amassing an impressive acting resume. He’s a rising star in the Thai BL firmament with a lead role in the movie Sweet Boy (2016), followed by a major role in My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17 (2017). Both projects solidify his position in portraying gay characters.

The Fabulous TONI RAKKAEN [Profiler]

I first saw Toni Rakkaen in Josh Kim’s How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) and while his role is short, he managed to make a lasting impression. Toni Rakkaen “IIrah Wimonchailerk” อิราวิมลชัยฤกษ์  plays the Adult ‘Oat’ who looks back on his life on the day of his own draft. Unlike his older bro whoContinue reading “The Fabulous TONI RAKKAEN [Profiler]”