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Category: Taiwanese casting

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Taiwan’s Top 10 Hottest Young Actors list dominated by BL stars!

Taiwan’s Boys Love output is gaining new grounds even with some recent controversies. Some of its popular stars are conquering mainstream audiences, which prove not only versatility but star power.

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Your Name Engraved Herein – 刻在你心底的名字 (2020)

Your Name Engraved Herein is an upcoming Taiwanese movie inspired by a true story. It has a political theme about two students after martial law ended in Taiwan in 1987.

According to Variety, the film was screened at the Berlin’s European Film Market last February. It officially premiered at Osaka Film Festival a few days ago. It won an acting award for veteran actor-director Leon Dai.

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“The movie not only resonates with the rite of passage of LGBTQ rights in Taiwan, but is also ready to bring many viewers to tears. We are expecting the same level of success across Asian countries as with ‘More Than Blue’,” said Patrick Mao Huang of Flash Forward. |read more|

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