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Where Your Eyes Linger – 너의시선이머무는곳에 (2020)

Finally, the South Koreans join the current Boys Love craze that originated in Japan and has been deconstructed and re-designed by the Thais. Entitled Where Your Eyes Linger, it’s already making waves for its poignant and unique storyline.

Most publications that announced the new BL – of 8 episodes to premiere on May 2020 – fail to mention that award-winning Korean filmmaker Lee Song Hee-Il has already wowed the international audience with his gay trilogy back in 2006. There is actually no “breaking the stigma” because it has been broken already. It’s just a matter of reinforcement. Anyway, let us put more perspective into this new BL after the jump!

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The Ones to Watch: A List of Young Actors in Upcoming BL Series [Part 1/2]

While everyone is pretty much on lockdown, let us give you the names of actors (and their projects) you’ll be seeing very soon! Based on casting news, degree of excitement on their upcoming series (or movies), and personal appeal, we have five names (for now) and another five in Part 2.

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