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Revisiting LBC

Revisiting Love By Chance, the Series is not easy esp. since I have to go back to some difficult scenes. Yet I wonder how many felt the same when Saint Suppapong performed for his coming out scene with his Mom on Ep 1. I thought that’s one of his acting highlights. Agree? My Tweet

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On Actors…

Actors work to earn money. If they have no project then thats a BIG problem. They need a manager who will secure projects for them. Otherwise, these agents need to be fired for doing nothing. Fans? They need us. We are their source of income.

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BL Toxicity

The now toxic world of BL has been bombarded with lies and deceit. Yet for most people like me, we tend to ignore the negativities. Just block the fuckers! Supporting all Thai BL actors, and Saint in particular versus stupidity and hate. My Tweet.