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Winner is King 杀破狼 (2021)

Following into the footsteps of popular Chinese shows like “The Untamed,” “Winter Begonia,” and “The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty,” we have a slew of popular Gay Novels being converted into drama series. There is already a great amount of anticipation surrounding the drama adaptations “Immortality/ Haoyixing” by Author Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat and “Faraway Wanderers /Tian YaKe (天涯客)” by Priest.

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Mr. Heart (Mr. 하트) (2020)

Where Your Eyes Linger Finale left the BL lovers all over the world with a bittersweet feeling. The chances of another Korean BL was a given. W-Story, the official production house of Where Your Eyes Linger, didn’t disappoint the fans. Reaping the benefits of producing the first-ever Korean BL mini-series, which garnered huge popularity in international arenas because of the affable chemistry between main leads Jamg Eui Soo and Han Gi Chan, W-Story announced their follow up project “Mr.Heart.” Starring Lee Je Sin and MAN BLK’s Cheon Seung Ho, the drama is set in the same universe as Where Your Eyes Linger.

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WeTV Announces Three New BL Series

After weeks of speculations and anticipation, WeTV Thailand finally revealed details about their collaborations with media giants Thunder TV, GMMtv, and Studio Wabi Sabi. Truly ambitious, WeTV, which airs in Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India, has taken the mantle of delivering three shows with distinct storylines and an even popular star cast to boast. Let’s take a look at each show and learn more about them.

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What is Pinoy BL? Featuring current and future series!

The showing of two distinct Filipino made Boys Love series had me wondering if they are patterned after a certain country’s perspective or style. However, both Gameboys and Sakristan are original Filipino series about boys falling for other boys. Whether gender has anything to do with it remains to be seen. Even after their premiere episodes, BL viewers have been asking questions.

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News about the Hello Stranger Digital Conference

Barely a week after its initial teaser of a doodle that highlighted the letters BL, Black Sheep introduced the cast members of the upcoming Boys Love series, Hello Stranger – a first from ABS-CBN Films’ sister company that has been known for being innovative in its previous film offerings. The series comes after the worldwide success of the Thai BL series 2gether that made waves and snatched the attention of artists and producers, especially in the conservative society in the Philippines.

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Where Your Eyes Linger – 너의시선이머무는곳에 | Finale [Review]

When news of this Korean love saga broke out, it was mostly seen as an experiment. Fans rejoiced, but they were largely apprehensive about the end result. Would the conservative Korean Society that is so homophobic set aside the rules for this mini-series? The answer is loud and clear! “Where Your Eyes Linger” delivered the perfect ending that even GMMtv’s uber-popular sitcom 2gether The Series failed to do.

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Pinoy Hunk Tony Labrusca in a Black Sheep BL Series?

It’s strange yet entirely unsurprising how there has been a lot of noise about Boys Love series and films in the Philippines in the past months. In fact, for a country that is well known to have the biggest percentage of practicing Catholics in Asia, it took a major unfortunate incident for people in the entertainment industry to realize that there is a Philippine audience for Boys Love – entertainment that has made Thailand well-known in the international scene, especially on streaming platforms.

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Boys Love (BL) Recommendations for Beginners [Part 2/4]

In Part 1, we feature light and bubbly BL series. Those where everyone can relax, watch at their own pace, and enjoy the special moments offered by each. In Part 2, we’ll select some of the most intense and dramatic movies. Not for the faint of heart, these are full-length features celebrated during their times and are recommended for BL and gay fans who are new to the scene. Note that there are differences between Boys Love series and gay movies as well.

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My Day: The Series (2020)

Combining the romance and drama of BL with sweets, delicacies and exotic places is a surefire combination that is hard to match. Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation, Incorporated (PEPPS), joins forces with Oxin Films to produce My Day: The Series. Projected to run for 8-10 episodes, it’s all about an aggressive food business executive and his pastry intern amidst the restrictions of a pandemic.

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Faraway Wanderers 天涯客 | (2021)

The recent success of Chinese Mainland Bromance dramas like The Untamed , The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty, and Winter Begonia have certainly paved the way to the production and release of more Chinese dramas based on popular gay novels. The Chinese paparazzi are already in an uproar with the ongoing shooting of the hugely anticipated sitcom “Immortality/Haoyixing.”

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LGBT Movie “Athlete” Brings Gay Sex to Mainstream Cinema in Japan

GagaOOLala releases one of the few Japanese films trying to push for gay rights, while also giving us some eye candy

Athlete (Takamasa Oe, 2019) explicitly tackles gay issues such as coming out and sexual desire, something rare in the usual conservative queer Japanese films. These events take place through the relationship between a retired swimmer and a young webcam boy. The film is now available worldwide on the streaming service GagaOOLala.

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