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News Feature: Upcoming Taiwanese BL Dramas (2020-21)

Taiwanese BL has always been daringly ahead of their times. The intimacy and sensual scenes in the “History” series were worlds apart. From HIStory: My Hero to the current trailblazer HIStory3: Make Our Days Count, the Taiwanese never shy away from portraying hot, passionate, and sensual intimacy between their BL leads. The fact that same-sex marriage is now legal in Taiwan might be one of the main reasons for this striking attitude. But you need to respect the fact that Taiwanese production houses are really good at packaging a whole lot of fiery goodness in their dramas, which has raised the bar on quality production.

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Hook Up the Series – Episodes 1 – 2 [Review]

Following the release of Truly Very Yours two months ago, J.ACE TV is back with its newest digital BL series, Hook Up the Series, which aims to give a fun and entertaining show to viewers during the quarantine. The still homemade series tells stories of Lee and Henry, two young boys who wish to ease their loneliness amid the pandemics by finding friends (or maybe potential lovers) through an online dating application. As their budding relationship grows closer in each episode of the series, viewers are invited to take a closer look at the online dating world that has become a new trend in this modern era, but on the other hand, also arouses the suspicion of many people. Through Lee and Henry’s love journey, viewers hope to get the answer to a question that has been bugging them forever: Can we really find love through the digital platform?

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New Japanese BL 新しい日本人の男の子の愛 on the Horizon

The Pandemic might have dampened the soul, but the Japanese BL industry is going strong churning up a slew of new movies focused on portraying the various embodiments of LGBTQ+ relationships. With the release of niche films like “His” and “Sei no Gekiyaku – 性の劇薬 (2020),” Japanese filmmakers are moving more into uncharted territories with more diverse subjects varying from interpersonal relationships to sexual delights (read BDSM). For someone who enjoys watching mature performances instead of run of the mill college sojourns, these upcoming Japanese movies have certainly piqued my interest. Here’s a list of forthcoming Japanese BL with various storylines and equally interesting star casts.

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News Feature: Upcoming Chinese Bromance Dramas (2020-21)

Even before Addicted Heroin exploded on the social circuit and took the Chinese Mainland by storm in 2016, there were numerous Chinese BL dramas that were consistently challenging the inner core of the strict Chinese Government censorship. Falling in Love with a Rival (2015), Love is More than a Word and Men with Sword (2016), Beloved Enemy; Advance Bravely; Till Death Tear Us Apart (2017) and Guardian (2018) were a popular few to name. However, it wasn’t until The Untamed (2019) became a global phenomenon that Chinese production houses took the Boys Love business seriously.

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Just Like That (Albin Academy #1) by Cole McCade

He loved this difficult, strange man of subtle whims and irascible tempers, this quiet creature who tried to be a statue of graven stone but was instead all steel and sharp edges, and every time Summer’s heart bled with the cuts it only filled that much deeper with the slow-growing love he hadn’t even realized was creeping up on him with every day, every kiss that made him hope more and more that Fox could ever…Could ever feel something for him

Cole McCade is one of my favorite authors, and I always wait with bated breath for the next release of his ongoing thriller series “Criminal Intentions.” So when I realized that he had recently started off with another book series, I knew that I had to read the book. I was equal parts excited and anxious. I was excited because McCade had a new series out and anxious because I wasn’t sure if it would be as good as Criminal Intentions is. After weeks of putting off, I finally decided to read this book, and McCade certainly blew my mind.

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My Day the Series (2020)

An Unabashedly “Feel Good” Love Story?

Do you know the secret behind every Fairy tale? Cinderella? Aurora? Or Snow White? None of them were perfect from the beginning. Each of them had to face struggles to meet their Prince Charming. If they didn’t face turmoil from the beginning, there wouldn’t be a storyline, right? Anyone who is imperfect and has the inner strength to work past those imperfections deserves a “Happily Ever After.”

They Say If You Dream A Thing More Than Once, It’s Sure To Become True

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Still 2Gether – เพราะเราคู่กัน (2020)

Months after 2Gether the Series ended, most of the BL fans have now moved to make memes or are still raging about the way Sarawat & Tine high-fived (sigh! I seriously was not expecting that from the showrunners) to show their love for each other in the last episode. While many of us were already upset with the last-minute, and convoluted plot twists, the last episode totally crushed all the hopes of seeing even a little intimacy between the boyfriends. (quite a fair request, right?) But even with that outrage, you simply cannot ignore the numbers of views this series received and the way it ruled worldwide trends on Twitter for hours after it premiered on Friday nights.

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Special Feature: Upcoming Pinoy BL Drama – Part 2

Pinoy BL dramas are fast broadening the BL genre into variations on a theme. While Thai Dramas seem to be stuck to the age-old concept of school romance between Engineering or Medical Faculty students, the Filipinos are more inclined to produce BL content with twists and turns. Adding the required gourmet flair to the search of a perfect BL drama is Unframed Film Production’s upcoming drama series “Better Days.” Teasing your taste buds with perfect gastronomic experience coupled with a romance between two of the most handsome vloggers, Better Days promises a “Change from the Norm.”

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Upcoming Thai BL Dramas (2020-21)

Times change, and following into the footsteps of Thai and Japanese BL, we have innumerable BL dramas being produced in other Asian countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Myanmar, and even Cambodia. Boys Love is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. But the fact remains that the top echelon is still owned by the ingenious Thai BL industry, which is always a step ahead when it comes to portraying their characters with a touch of reality. The recent success of “TharnType the Series” and “2gether the Series” paved the way for more futuristic projects. Filipino BL dramas “Gameboys the Series” and “Hello Stranger” have placed the Boys Love business on the world stage. But still, I reckon that they lack the intimacy factor that Thai BL portrays fearlessly. Whether popular Filipino BL drama series can take up the mantle and strike the deal is yet to be seen?

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Special Feature: Upcoming Pinoy BL Drama – Part 1

The success of Thai Dramas “TharnType the Series” and “2gether The Series” pushed the Filipino Television Industry into a new kind of revolution. Pinoy BL is currently the new trend, and many production houses are trying to reap the profits of the “Boys Love” phenomenon. While “Gameboys The Series” started in an experimental phase, the popularity of the online dating saga paved the way for Black Sheep’s “Hello Stranger.” Both series have an abundance of star-studded casts, good scripts, and good direction. In the current scenario, Psychomilk brings you some more updates from the upcoming Pinoy Dramas that promise to set your screens on fire!

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Choose Your Own BL Adventure

The World’s First and Only Interactive BL Series

Have you ever had that feeling of frustration when your favorite character in a series just doesn’t get it? Those times when you think that they should have spoken a word, acted in a certain way, or even see another character in a different light? Well, I have. But wait, we can only cry out in exasperation as we see the series that we follow go in directions that are sometimes not totally to our liking. We know that the script rules the characters written the scriptwriters and told how to act by the directors who mostly leave us with cliffhangers that push us to count down the days until the next episode. We are totally under their control, whims, or fancies. Are we really constricted to just that – being mere viewers?

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News! Teddy Bear Miracle คุณหมีปาฏิหาริย์ (2021)

Following in the footsteps of popular Thai BL novels that are being adapted into drama series like “My Ride International” and “Manner of Death,” the latest entrant to join the bandwagon is “Teddy Bear Miracle.” Based on the fantasy theme of a Teddy Bear coming to life and the resulting complications, this anticipated drama drew attention even before the casting was announced.

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PLUS.MINUS (2020) and a Conversation with the Director, Lester Cristal

Director Lester Cristal is a graduating student of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde under the Digital Filmmaking program (BenildeFilm). His queer-themed short film PLUS.MINUS is a finalist of this year’s CineMapúa. As the oldest-running student film festival in the Philippines, CineMapúa has become a platform to raise social awareness through film and showcase the talents of the student filmmakers.

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Winner is King 杀破狼 (2021)

Following into the footsteps of popular Chinese shows like “The Untamed,” “Winter Begonia,” and “The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty,” we have a slew of popular Gay Novels being converted into drama series. There is already a great amount of anticipation surrounding the drama adaptations “Immortality/ Haoyixing” by Author Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat and “Faraway Wanderers /Tian YaKe (天涯客)” by Priest.

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Mr. Heart (Mr. 하트) (2020)

Where Your Eyes Linger Finale left the BL lovers all over the world with a bittersweet feeling. The chances of another Korean BL was a given. W-Story, the official production house of Where Your Eyes Linger, didn’t disappoint the fans. Reaping the benefits of producing the first-ever Korean BL mini-series, which garnered huge popularity in international arenas because of the affable chemistry between main leads Jamg Eui Soo and Han Gi Chan, W-Story announced their follow up project “Mr.Heart.” Starring Lee Je Sin and MAN BLK’s Cheon Seung Ho, the drama is set in the same universe as Where Your Eyes Linger.

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