What would happen if Adisorn Hophrae, Piyacha Thongsuk, and the Capture Production team decided to make films full-time? Lucky for us BL lovers! (or any movie lovers for that matter).

While the film You Had Me At Hello is incredibly short at 25 minutes 52 seconds, it leaves so much to the imagination that one can’t help but clamor for more.

At 19, Thai actor Chimon Wachirawit is already amassing an impressive acting resume. He’s a rising star in the Thai BL firmament with a lead role in the movie Sweet Boy (2016), followed by a major role in My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17 (2017). Both projects solidify his position in portraying gay characters.

The film Present Perfect by Anusorn Soisa-ngim feels both Thai and ‘not Thai’ for me. Having been so used to Japanese movies where silence and slow pacing are the norms, I thought I was seeing an indie Japanese film!

About a week ago, it was announced that Soisa-ngim will take charge of the 2 Moons 2 The Series. Apart from the international success of his films, it is now obvious that the Thai filmmaker has entered a new field – TV series directing. With his name thrown into the spotlight, he gets to decide the next trends in Thai BL.

You may have already noticed it, I’m more into the Earn-Pete team than anyone else, and there are so many aspects and side stories about them that a “fanboy series” seem not enough, so I asked my friend Vera who happens to ship the team too for a more thorough, detailed discussion about why Ngern Anupart and August Vachiravit are getting so much hype (which they deserve) and that their fan service is becoming so in-your-face.

… and since she knows more than me about the fandom and where to get the latest about them too! LOL (sometimes I feel so helpless that everyone else seems to know everything except me!) Anyway, so Vera had a question ready…

Vera P: In your opinion, do you think their characters and storyline would’ve been as compelling if they were played by different actors? I’ve noticed that the older fans in the fandom were more partial to them especially because they looked older than the rest of the cast members.

Jed M.: The younger fans were carried away by the fact that Noh and Phun were the main characters and they came first, so I understand the loyalty and obsession but for more discriminate fans (the older ones, as you said), they have gotten over the initial lovesickness to prefer Ngern and August.

I guess describing Josh Kim as a Korean-American filmmaker may suffice to some readers, but for someone who has already seen his movie – How to Win at Checkers (Every Time), I wonder, how can someone who is not from Thailand made a Thai movie that is not only powerful and feels so authentic, but also shows a lot of heart?

I guess even the Thais themselves have recognized his passion and dedication as a filmmaker when they chose his movie to be the country’s official entry to the Academy Awards Best Foreign Film category.

I first saw Toni Rakkaen in Josh Kim’s How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) and while his role is short, he managed to make a lasting impression.

Toni Rakkaen “IIrah Wimonchailerk” อิราวิมลชัยฤกษ์  plays the Adult ‘Oat’ who looks back on his life on the day of his own draft. Unlike his older bro who was murdered during his military draft, Toni’s character puts all the stops to prevent such tragedy from happening. His ‘Oat’ learns to be cunning, and shrewd and unforgiving.

So there was a time when the Yaoi (BL) universe revolves around two Japanese actors – Hamao Kyusoke and Daisuke Watanabe. Hamao has, of course, been “forced” to retire and their love team is no more. And then there was Mario Maurer and Pchy, but instead of playing with the fans’ collective imagination, they killed the fantasy even before it could have been conceived… [ Welcome to Fanboy diaries, a blog-a-thon (of sorts) featuring the events, buzz, casting news, and even personal bits of info about Thai actors Ngern and August ]