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Special Feature: Psychomilk Talks with Queer Author T. J. Klune

Psychomilk had this amazing opportunity to interview Lambda Literary Award-winning Author T J Klune and we are beyond ecstatic! Our questions are never easy, and the replies resonate with his honesty as well as a realistic approach. Read our interview where T J Klune answers relevant questions related to his best-selling novels and also gives us possible spoilers that might make you scream with excitement!

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Psychomilk Talks with the 6Moons: Earth

We had the opportunity to sit down with Earth and get answers to questions that his fans want to know. Pro

Thai Translation in body of article courtesy of @Fayzth Japanese Translation at end of article courtesy of @earthteeeurope Portuguese Translation at end of article courtesy of @nikajpn. Spanish Translation at end of Article, courtesy of earthereal_. Malay Translation HERE

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Psychomilk Talks with Faraz Arif Ansari, Director of Sisak

Acclaimed as India’s first Silent LGBTQ film, Sisak, by filmmaker Faraz Arif Ansari, is a love story about two men who travel in the same Mumbai local train every day. Director Faraz Arif Ansari’s film is receiving accolades and awards for his work. Psychomilk was fortunate to be able sit down with Dir. Ansari for a talk about his film, life, and plans for the future.

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Spotlight on Utain Boonorana (Patrick Rangsimant) [2nd Interview]

This is Psychomilk’s second full interview with the good doctor. Our first interview tackles gay rights in Thailand and about his upcoming series, My Ride. This time, we dive deeper into Dr. Patrick Rangsimant’s ‘psyche’ in terms of how he manages his time and his insights into the world of BL.

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Psychomilk talks to Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos of Gameboys!

For international BL fans, they may not be so familiar, but for discerning moviegoers and critics (both in the Philippines and in the international film festival circuit), Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos are acclaimed for their noteworthy performances. Canlas is the star of Kalel, 15 – about a young boy who contracted AIDS, while De Santos plays the main character in Fuccbois, about male bikini contestants who got involved in a sex scandal.

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Psychomilk talks to Darwin Yu!

Coming-of-Age features in the Philippines is an exhausted theme, yet there is always that welcome surprise – like a gift – when you discover a cinematic gem. In the case of Darwin Yu, his starring role in First Sem gave him an acting mileage. At this point, the 21-year old thespian is considered a contender amongst many aspiring Filipino actors. Fast forward to 2020, Darwin remains in the spotlight with a lead role in My Extraordinary.

Let’s get to know more of this acclaimed young actor, shall we?

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