Spotlight on Thai new wave filmmaker Aam Anusorn (2nd full-length interview) Part 1/2

The BL universe has started to evolve. Like the frenzy craziness common in a popular niche, the Thai BL scene has become both popular and toxic. One personality who is the subject of admiration and denial is acclaimed filmmaker Aam Anusorn.

2019 Year End Review – The Actors

Who made waves in 2019? Who gave the best performances? Who are the year’s breakout actors?

2019 Year End Review – The Filmmakers

Thai and Asian BL never had it this good! While BL may not be the right term and gay series/movies maybe more inclusive, let me stop limiting our scope by saying – its a celebration of amazing! Here are the significant news, milestones, events and personalities of 2019 starting with the filmmakers!

Utain Boonarana talks about gay rights in Thailand + the upcoming My Ride, the series!

A recent casting news for a BL drama series in Thailand is creating plenty of buzz. You see, this is no ordinary series. Written by Utain Boonarana (or Doctor Patrick Rangsimant, Neurologist), it is a trailblazer of sorts. While most BL stories adapted into TV series are written by female writers, My Ride I LoveContinue reading “Utain Boonarana talks about gay rights in Thailand + the upcoming My Ride, the series!”

Filmmaker Krittidech Sinjermsiri talks about his filmmaking style, new series My Ride + LGBTQ issues!

Director Nam left us with strong impressions as a principled man. He has spent many years to gain experience in the filmmaking industry. Now it’s his turn to direct his first drama series My Ride, I LoveYou and we got the inside scoop for you!

In the Philippines, all BL actors are welcome even if they don’t like Jollibee!

One of the current trends among BL fans is to invite their favorite Thai BL actors. In the Philippines, there is a huge fanbase dedicated to them. They are collectively known as shippers. Some of the favorite drama series that star these couples are Lovesick, Two Moons, SOTUS, and Love By Chance.