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Across the Galaxy – My First BL Event w/Cast of Why RU

….and Hangin’ out with a Pro

Hi Guys – I can now say I’ve been to a BL Event. This one was with the cast from Why RU, in what could be their last get together. The person who talked me into this is none other that Jenhg-ZaintSee, the best authority I’ve met on ZaintSee. There are probably better authorities, but she and I are both in the States. (Below, Jen is talking in the grey boxes w/italics)

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Psycho-milk Talks with Artist Developer Dr. Pat Jiwa.

1. From your resume, it appears you have been into the business development and marketing side of the business, specifically in the music and entertainment industries in Thailand. Could you give international fans of BL a sort of intro about the current state of Boys Love production in Thailand? This may appear like an introduction into an industry we look from the outside, but as an insider, you have certain insights and opinions to give us a better picture.

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Special Feature: Legend of Exorcism – 天宝伏妖录

Psycho-milk is proud to publish our first critical look at an Anime. This on-air Donghua (Chinese anime) is new and has gorgeous CGI. Check out our review of Episode 1

Legend of Exorcism is an ongoing fantasy anime series based on the adaptation of Fei Tian Ye Xiang’s (非天夜翔) Chinese web novel of the same name. Produced by Sparkly Key Animation Studio, this donghua airs every Sunday on the 哔哩哔哩动画 Anime Made by Bilibili YouTube Channel.

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Special Feature: A Guide to the Mo Dao Zu Shi Universe [#MDZS]

So you have watched and probably re-watched (Or am I the only one?) the Chinese Bromance series “The Untamed” running on Netflix but want more of these characters? Or are you curious about the story ‘canon’ that was adapted into this very popular live-action televisual feast? Or do you keep hearing the acronym “MDZS” in connection to the show but don’t know the details? This post is just to answer these very questions and to introduce you to various ways you can appreciate and love this story and characters a little more.

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Special Feature: Psychomilk Talks with Queer Author T. J. Klune

Psychomilk had this amazing opportunity to interview Lambda Literary Award-winning Author T J Klune and we are beyond ecstatic! Our questions are never easy, and the replies resonate with his honesty as well as a realistic approach. Read our interview where T J Klune answers relevant questions related to his best-selling novels and also gives us possible spoilers that might make you scream with excitement!

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Unlocked – The World’s First Series about Gay Relationships under Quarantine

Like many other places around the world, Manila has been under quarantine since March due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, and with it, most film productions came to a complete halt. However, this situation did not stop director Adolfo Alix Jr. (Donsol, Adela, Manila, Death March) to conceptualize and help produce Unlocked, the world’s first series about gay relationships under lockdown.

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Psychomilk Talks with the 6Moons: Earth

We had the opportunity to sit down with Earth and get answers to questions that his fans want to know. Pro

Thai Translation in body of article courtesy of @Fayzth Japanese Translation at end of article courtesy of @earthteeeurope Portuguese Translation at end of article courtesy of @nikajpn. Spanish Translation at end of Article, courtesy of earthereal_. Malay Translation HERE

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