30 Thai BL Fresh faces: Cover Page [Hitlist]

Fresh Thai faces in the BL universe! There’s a lot of them – in auditions, in modeling photoshoots, in […]

In Part 1, we mentioned a list of outstanding BL films/series from across Asia – Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese productions, including The Love of Siam, Night Flight, Lan Yu, Present Perfect, A Touch of Fever, Like Grains of Sand, SOTUS, HIStory, Love by Chance and many others.

Also, one of the main factors why a movie or series is of quality has something to do with the story – and that it should be engaging. What about the other factors that make them great?

This is a seemingly innocent topic to start with, but when you deal with fans and their personal preferences, it could become bloody. Some people have the misconception that BL (or Yaoi) originated in China.

BL was born in Japan and is a celebration of romantic love between boys who are handsome or ‘hot’. It’s interesting to note that Thai BL is dominated by male directors and filmmakers, with a predominantly female fan base. International fans from Europe and America is divided – there are both male and female fans and audiences.

Anyway, let’s start with some introduction…