BL Novels into Live-Action Dramas Chinese Style!

Recently a lot of (Mainland) Chinese dramas that are sourced from BL web novels were announced for 2021. Anyone who knows a bit about Guardian, The Untamed, Winter Begonia, or Sleuth of Ming Dynasty will also be aware of the…
January 21, 2021

Your Home [Initial Review]

In both visuals and dialogue, there is a curiously humble confidence in the 20 min pilot episode of Your Home, which pulls you in as soon as the first scene opens, showing us the setting of a literal paradise on…
January 18, 2021
Chinese Reviews

Psych Hunter [Series Review]

Psych Hunter is a Republican Era (period when Imperial rule ceased in 1911 and China became a Republic, until 1949) mystery and psychological drama adapted from the novel "Haunted Houses Handbook" (凶宅笔记) by Author Er Shi San (贰十三). The show…
January 16, 2021

UPDATED: Psycho BL Awards 2020

Voting is closed now. Thanks for voting, and check back soon for the final results. The pandemic may have limited our movement but it can’t stop our creativity. In one of the most challenging times for the showrunners, they have…
January 11, 2021

Upcoming Asian Boys Love Dramas – Part 3

As we approach the new year and hope to put away the bad memories, the only thing that makes 2021 strikingly remarkable is the slew of upcoming dramas. As we have already finished previewing the upcoming additions to the Korean,…
December 18, 2020

Upcoming Asian Boys Love Dramas – Part 2

Chinese BL industry is undergoing a sudden change with the steep rise of "Bromance" dramas. Numerous production houses are churning out adaptations of "gay novels" under the pretext of subtle romance, seemingly in an attempt to mock the Chinese Government's…
December 16, 2020

Upcoming Asian Boys Love Dramas – Part I

The Boys Love industry is seeing a steep rise in the number of shows being churned out incessantly. With the astounding growth of Pinoy BL, the wide range of possibilities and global access that BL shows enjoy is slowly becoming…
December 10, 2020

Is China Ready for “Girls Love” Dramas?

While we are still debating over the Chinese Censor Board's obstructionism when it comes to Boys Love dramas, various production houses have spread their wings in that genre, which is fast becoming a global phenomenon. While Thai and Taiwanese BL…
December 2, 2020