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Across the Galaxy – My First BL Event w/Cast of Why RU

….and Hangin’ out with a Pro

Hi Guys – I can now say I’ve been to a BL Event. This one was with the cast from Why RU, in what could be their last get together. The person who talked me into this is none other that Jenhg-ZaintSee, the best authority I’ve met on ZaintSee. There are probably better authorities, but she and I are both in the States. (Below, Jen is talking in the grey boxes w/italics)

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Unlocked – The World’s First Series about Gay Relationships under Quarantine

Like many other places around the world, Manila has been under quarantine since March due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, and with it, most film productions came to a complete halt. However, this situation did not stop director Adolfo Alix Jr. (Donsol, Adela, Manila, Death March) to conceptualize and help produce Unlocked, the world’s first series about gay relationships under lockdown.

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LGBT Movie “Athlete” Brings Gay Sex to Mainstream Cinema in Japan

GagaOOLala releases one of the few Japanese films trying to push for gay rights, while also giving us some eye candy

Athlete (Takamasa Oe, 2019) explicitly tackles gay issues such as coming out and sexual desire, something rare in the usual conservative queer Japanese films. These events take place through the relationship between a retired swimmer and a young webcam boy. The film is now available worldwide on the streaming service GagaOOLala.

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Documentary “Taiwan Equals Love” from GagaOOlala

Recently, Taiwan has been back in the news due to its effective response to the current COVID-19 crisis. However, one year ago, the island hit the world’s headlines for a very different reason: On May 24th, 2019, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of this milestone, streaming platform GagaOOLala is releasing a documentary, three-years-in-the-making: Taiwan Equals Love (Yan Zhexuan, 2020), that chronicles the local LGBTQ+ community fight for this landmark achievement.

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Present Still Perfect – Brings Boys Love Stories into New Territory

The sequel to the Thai BL phenomenon Present Perfect is now available to stream on GagaOOLala.

Four years after the events in the original film, Present Still Perfect (2020), dir. Anusorn Soisa-Ngim, reunites lovers Oat and Toey once again, this time, on a tropical Thai island. Oat is now a married man with a son, while Toey has never forgotten their brief love story in Hokkaido back in 2016. The film marks the first GagaOOLala original production set in Thailand.

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Until We Meet Again – Episode Finale [Review]

UWMA?  Why are we talking about Until We Meet Again weeks after the Finale was broadcast?  Because I need to finish what I started.  A multitude of reasons, actually. Mainly because I effectively trashed some aspects of Episode 16, and discovered later I was dead-ass wrong.  I was also tired of letting myself be overwhelmed with emotion. Now that’s passed, and I want to put down what my thoughts are regarding this series ebullient finish.

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Until We Meet Again – Episode 16 [Review]

This is the second time I’ve written a review of this episode. The first version lambasted the overall execution of this episode based on a single, significant flaw in logic and acknowledgment of the passage of time. I could not get past those significant flaws without them influencing what I was saying. I also found it difficult to critique the chapter without looking at it on the whole with the information we as an audience garnered from the viewing. 

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Until We Meet Again – Episode 15 [Review]

Another emotional storm overtakes us in this episode.  Plot twists, surprise revelations, and even more reveals about the characters we’ve come to care about so much. Acting in this BL series is one of its strongest suits. With the next crop of “BL” series in 2020, I’m hoping we’ll see the same high-quality production standards for which this series has established the benchmark.

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Until We Meet Again – Episode 14 [Review]

Last week I was rabbiting on about Korn’s “famous last words” and all the broken promises as if the chronology of Korn and In’s story was waning from this series.  I was wrong.  Not only do we get to see more of the good and bad times with Korn and In, but we’re also starting to get a clearer timeline of events that link to what our present Dean and Pharm experience through sometimes not-so-pleasant dreams.

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Until We Meet Again – Episode 13 [Review]

Drama review by Steve (Twitter – The_FNGee)

What do you do after an arduous exercise of drama and feelings in this emotional roller-coaster of a series, with the main protagonists now well-aware of the situation they’re in with reincarnation, and memories that either interfere with or supplement your own? You present an episode like this one, with mostly good-feels, funnies, loving and touching, and maybe a surprise or two.

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Until We Meet Again – Episode 11 [Review]

Drama review by Steve (Twitter – The_FNGee)

Another emotional powerhouse, this episode belongs to the leads. Nine, Earth, Ohm and Fluke show us an intimate view of relationships: one starting to deteriorate, and another building at the same time.The first scene Korn is late again, feeling what appears to be stress developing in his relationship to Intouch.

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