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What is Pinoy BL? Featuring current and future series!

The showing of two distinct Filipino made Boys Love series had me wondering if they are patterned after a certain country’s perspective or style. However, both Gameboys and Sakristan are original Filipino series about boys falling for other boys. Whether gender has anything to do with it remains to be seen. Even after their premiere episodes, BL viewers have been asking questions.

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50 Favorite Gay Movies of All Time [Hitlist]

We’re in the middle of Pride month and we’re excited to launch our 50 favorite gay films of all time! Most of the list you have read (all over the net) maybe ‘exclusively’ Western productions (or European, mostly British), yet Asian gay films are as engaging and as exciting as well. While we pay tribute to such greats like Philadelphia, My Beautiful Laundrette, Brokeback Mountain, My Own Private Idaho, and Call Me By Your Name, we are listing many excellent Asian gay movies as well – among them Gohatto, A Touch of Fever, Happy Together, Present Perfect (and its sequel), Lan Yu, and many more!

Why don’t you take a look! There maybe some you haven’t seen before!

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Boys Love (BL) Recommendations for Beginners [Part 2/4]

In Part 1, we feature light and bubbly BL series. Those where everyone can relax, watch at their own pace, and enjoy the special moments offered by each. In Part 2, we’ll select some of the most intense and dramatic movies. Not for the faint of heart, these are full-length features celebrated during their times and are recommended for BL and gay fans who are new to the scene. Note that there are differences between Boys Love series and gay movies as well.

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My Day the Series (2020)

Updated with Trailer and OST Combining the romance and drama of BL with sweets, delicacies and exotic places is a surefire combination that is hard to match. Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation, Incorporated (PEPPS), joins forces with Oxin Films to produce My Day the Series. Projected to run for 8-10 episodes, it’s all about an aggressive food business executive and his pastry intern amidst the restrictions of a pandemic.

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YYY มันส์เว่อร์นะ – BL Sitcom Episode 6 [Review]

The episode finale of YYY BL sitcom is far from being the comedy it purports to be. In fact, it has become a substantial, and emotional drama acted with generosity and integrity. From the beginning, Lay Talay and Yoon Phusanu offer an on-screen chemistry that is hard to match. The development of their characters and how their relationship progresses is stellar – there is tension as well as anticipation. Poppy Ratchapong as Porpla – for the sheer brilliance of his performance – should be nominated for an award. This review is a joint effort with Jen’s BL Views and Reviews!

Let’s have the storyline first shall we?

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Gameboys The Series – Episode 2 [Review]

Episode 2 comes after a revealing premier episode that saw BL watchers getting acquainted with this uniquely produced BL series. BL fans who complain about the ‘random’ announcement of episode changes should bear in mind that the restrictions in Manila have kept the production crew walking a fine line. Kudos to IdeaFirst Productions for finding the best way to shoot, edit, upload, and promote the series.

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Sakristan (Altar Boy) – Episode 1 [Review]

Maligned even before it was shown, Sakristan’s premiere started with a big bang! Like a GMM-tv BL premiere, the chats are populated with eager and excited fans. In the case of Sakristan, there is already an assumption of defiance and notoriety. The opening credit baits conservative viewers to have an open mind. On the other hand, it offers a comedic ‘remark’ to a captured audience that is waiting with bated breath.

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Spotlight on Utain Boonorana (Patrick Rangsimant) [2nd Interview]

This is Psychomilk’s second full interview with the good doctor. Our first interview tackles gay rights in Thailand and about his upcoming series, My Ride. This time, we dive deeper into Dr. Patrick Rangsimant’s ‘psyche’ in terms of how he manages his time and his insights into the world of BL.

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Sakristan (Altar Boy) – 2020

It’s just a matter of day before we get to see Sakristan, a different BL series with an equally unique style and point of view. While the BL community is familiar with the religious flavor of Thailand – the merits of having been blessed at their temples and by their ever-considerate monks. The Philippines – being the only Catholic nation in Asia – has a rather more volatile nature but at the same time, as poignant and as spiritual as its Southeast Asian neighbor.

Episode Reviews will be posted here:

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8

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Meet the Hottest Pinoy Actors Doing BL! (2020 Edition)

There are about 20 upcoming BL TV series and gay movies that feature some of the best Filipino filmmakers today and starring the hottest young talents diving into the BL craze. But long before the BL push (from Thailand,) some of these actors have already made names in both the local and international scenes. Let’s get to know them, shall we?

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YYY มันส์เว่อร์นะ – BL Sitcom Episode 5 [Review]

Episode 5 of YYY The Series is my favorite so far. While not without glitches, it is the most ‘serious’ among the five installments of the show. If you recall the warning at the beginning of each episodes, we were told not to take the show seriously, yet it has become rather serious – in a good way. This review is a joint effort with Jen’s BL Views and Reviews!

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Psychomilk talks to Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos of Gameboys!

For international BL fans, they may not be so familiar, but for discerning moviegoers and critics (both in the Philippines and in the international film festival circuit), Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos are acclaimed for their noteworthy performances. Canlas is the star of Kalel, 15 – about a young boy who contracted AIDS, while De Santos plays the main character in Fuccbois, about male bikini contestants who got involved in a sex scandal.

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Talay & Yoon sing OST of YYY The Series!

The BL pair of Talay Sanguandikul and Yoon Phusanu is one of the two major reasons why YYY The Series is such an entertaining show. Of course, Poppy Ratchapong is the other big factor for the series’ success. It’s the perfect blend of romance and wacky comedy that makes every episode worth it. In this YouTube video, the pair extended their magic!