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Games, Love & The Pandemic | The Gameboys Global Phenomenon

When I received a tip to reach out to IdeaFirst Company barely 12 hours before the premiere of the series Gameboys on YouTube, I never really expected anything much from a series that was marketed as a virtual meeting of two young gamers set amongst the current chaos of the Pandemic that has swept across all parts of the globe and transformed the very landscape of our normal.

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Choose Your Own BL Adventure

The World’s First and Only Interactive BL Series

Have you ever had that feeling of frustration when your favorite character in a series just doesn’t get it? Those times when you think that they should have spoken a word, acted in a certain way, or even see another character in a different light? Well, I have. But wait, we can only cry out in exasperation as we see the series that we follow go in directions that are sometimes not totally to our liking. We know that the script rules the characters written the scriptwriters and told how to act by the directors who mostly leave us with cliffhangers that push us to count down the days until the next episode. We are totally under their control, whims, or fancies. Are we really constricted to just that – being mere viewers?

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Prem Warut Chavalitrujiwong – วรุตชวลิตรุจวงษ์ [Profiler]

When people hear the words, “Young Athlete,” one would think about a man with bulky, chiseled muscles, tanned skin, and looking pretty rugged. However, that’s not always true. You may not don’t believe it, but the potato-chip eating character Team from the highly popular Until We Meet Again series that ended its run a few months ago was a star athlete before the entertainment industry beckoned.

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News about the Hello Stranger Digital Conference

Barely a week after its initial teaser of a doodle that highlighted the letters BL, Black Sheep introduced the cast members of the upcoming Boys Love series, Hello Stranger – a first from ABS-CBN Films’ sister company that has been known for being innovative in its previous film offerings. The series comes after the worldwide success of the Thai BL series 2gether that made waves and snatched the attention of artists and producers, especially in the conservative society in the Philippines.

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Teaser Trailer Released

And the cat is out of the bag. After two days of speculation and guesswork – hype induced by the sudden drop of the BL tease that the Marketing Team behind Black Sheep. A buzz that sent practically the whole of the Pinoy BL Community into a frenzy to gather what crumbs could be gathered from the complex trail that a few seconds of chalk work on a field of teal could do.

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Pinoy Hunk Tony Labrusca in a Black Sheep BL Series?

It’s strange yet entirely unsurprising how there has been a lot of noise about Boys Love series and films in the Philippines in the past months. In fact, for a country that is well known to have the biggest percentage of practicing Catholics in Asia, it took a major unfortunate incident for people in the entertainment industry to realize that there is a Philippine audience for Boys Love – entertainment that has made Thailand well-known in the international scene, especially on streaming platforms.

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The Gameboys the Series’ Official Soundtrack (OST) [Review]

For years, I have been a silent fan of Original Soundtracks from movies and more recently, the sweeping and heart-tugging theme songs that BL Series from across Asia have been producing like they’re nothing more than arranged poetry – lush, poetic and sung like scores meant to induce the viewer’s emotions to soar.

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Gameboys: The Series (2020)

The IdeaFirst Company will hold the record as the production team to launch the Philippines’ first BL series. Entitled Gameboys, it stars acclaimed young actors Kokoy De Santos (Fuccbois) and Elijah Canlas (Kalel 15).

There have been countless, independently produced films in the Philippines that featured LGBTQ+ characters. Some will even argue that there were previously shown series that could be labeled as Boys Love, GMA’s My Husband’s Lover being one of them. But, Boys Love as a genre is different from queer media – as our blog has been saying time and again. In a nutshell, Boys Love is a fantasy world where love is blind to gender and that it’s perfectly natural for boys to fall in love; albeit, hesitantly at first for most of these stories.

Episodic reviews are here:

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8

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Theory Of Love – ทฤษฎีจีบเธอ – Part 1/2 [Review]

Love. Such a strong emotion and this is the main drive and attraction that keeps viewers glued to each and every episode of Theory of Love. The series stars Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan playing the now iconic parts of Khai and Third; both are film majors in the university and are conflicted because of the emotion that acts as an invisible member of their cast.

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Of Boys & Men | The WhyRU the Series Experience [Opinion]

So WhyRU the Series just dropped us a monumental finale a few days ago. Until now, I am still “moving on” from those kisses that essentially redefined how I will judge BL kisses going forward. To say that it froze me while watching it is a complete understatement; to say that it unnerved me is a complete fallacy; to say that it astonished me is right on target! However, looking back at my personal journey with WhyRU the Series is currently giving me a bittersweet kick in the gut.

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When He Stares At You – 2gether the Series [Opinion]

A while back, a blogger friend posted a survey poll. The survey asked what is the main element that is making people go ga-ga over 2gether the Series? Is it acting? Aesthetics or production? Before I even answer that, let me bring you back to late last year when GMMtv, arguably the forerunner of Thai BL in terms of the sheer number of BL content they produce each year, released their offerings for 2020. International BL fans were ecstatic.

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