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Life Senjou no Bokura 線上の僕ら (2020) Episode 3 [Review]

In the first two episodes, we saw Itou & Yuki meet and fall in love with each other, almost like they were fated to be together. After initial years of trying to be in sync with each other and their own desires & expectations, the two have fallen into somewhat domesticated life routines by the age of 25. 

We are just little dots that were forced into this world like this,  helpless and lonely. That is why someday we search for another dot to connect with, Someone that we can form a line with and live on… 

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Life Senjou no Bokura 線上の僕ら (2020) | Episode 2 [Review]

In the first episode, we watched Ito playing his lonely game walking on the line when he meets another high school student, the naïve but friendly Nishi playing a similar game of ‘white line.’ Ito instantly falls for Nishi’s uncomplicated charms. As a result of an impulsive kiss, the boys’ feelings for each other blossom and thus a new game starts – to walk together.

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My Ride: I Love You [Book Review]

For people who follow me on Twitter, I make it no secret that I like shows and books of the BL genre. It’s also a fact that most who follow me know which shows and books I like, and the ones I DON’T like. While I have been reading M/M love stories for quite some time, I just started watching Thai BL dramas just this year. Thanks to following Psycho-milk.com & the owner Red on Twitter, I always have an eye on upcoming BL dramas, and one that I am very excited to watch is My Ride, the Series which is an adaptation of the book – My Ride, I Love you.

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