I’m a financial analyst by profession but my passion is watching movies and writing reviews.

I also love doing interviews. For previous publications, I did interviews with Nicholas Hoult, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Channing Tatum & male supermodel Tyson Ballou.

Here I did interviews with filmmakers An Anusorn and Josh Kim, singer-songwriter Boy Sompob.

I started appreciating BL (or gay or Yaoi) way back in the early 1980s when Death in Venice was shown in a local film festival in the Philippines. It was quite a shock to me – seeing how an old guy pursues an incredibly attractive young boy and having to die without even touching him. I felt that tragedy is the major ingredient of gay movies in as much as this segment of the society is already persecuted and the butt of jokes already.

How do I rate movies and drama series? Here’s the rating guide!

I lost traction but went back into the groove with My Own Private Idaho (1991). I don’t think many Asian knew of this film. Also, River Phoenix is an acting demigod. He’s one of my favorite actors, and I watched most of his films.

Then there’s Brokeback Mountain (2005) and the equally engrossing (and perhaps better film) François Ozon’s Time to Leave (2005).

A question keeps on bugging me: Why no Asian gay movie? Well, there’s a lot. But I have a bias for American and European movies, thus I was late in exploring them.

Aside from Japanese gay movies and Yaoi, it’s the Thais who fascinated me the most, thus Psycho-Milk is born.

Right now, Love of Siam and How to Win at Checkers (every time) ranks very high on my list. SOTUS, Gray Rainbow and Love by Chance follow closely.

Also worth mentioning is Present Perfect!