I’m a financial analyst by profession but my passion is watching movies and writing reviews.

I also love doing interviews. For previous publications, I did interviews with Nicholas Hoult, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Channing Tatum & male supermodel Tyson Ballou.

Here I did interviews with filmmakers An Anusorn and Josh Kim, singer-songwriter Boy Sompob.

I started appreciating BL (or gay or Yaoi) way back in the early 1980s when Death in Venice was shown in a local film festival in the Philippines. It was quite a shock to me – seeing how an old guy pursues an incredibly attractive young boy and having to die without even touching him. I felt that tragedy is the major ingredient of gay movies in as much as this segment of the society is already persecuted and the butt of jokes already.

How do I rate movies and drama series? Here’s the rating guide!

I lost traction but went back into the groove with My Own Private Idaho (1991). I don’t think many Asian knew of this film. Also, River Phoenix is an acting demigod. He’s one of my favorite actors, and I watched most of his films.

Then there’s Brokeback Mountain (2005) and the equally engrossing (and perhaps better film) François Ozon’s Time to Leave (2005).

A question keeps on bugging me: Why no Asian gay movie? Well, there’s a lot. But I have a bias for American and European movies, thus I was late in exploring them.

Aside from Japanese gay movies and Yaoi, it’s the Thais who fascinated me the most, thus Psycho-Milk is born.

Right now, Love of Siam and How to Win at Checkers (every time) ranks very high on my list. SOTUS, Gray Rainbow and Love by Chance follow closely.

Also worth mentioning is Present Perfect!

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  1. Enjoy very much Psycho Milk and the insightful reviews. Regarding that “subclass of men who can’t decide whether they like pussy or dick”, perhaps they have decided they like both equally well. In this day and age must one choose one over the other? Just a thought.


    1. Being new to BL, I’m sorta lost. From you article “Their on-screen chemistry remains at a high level as in Love by Chance. And that’a not easy to do given all the controversies surrounding their casting, and what happens outside the show…” This is one of several references I’ve heard about problems with “Love by Chance”. It remains one of my favorite BL series, even winning out over SOTUS. I’m just wondering what was the controversy, and/or is there a history available to read (sorry, but in English) on this topic?


      1. Hi Steve! Like other fandom or universe as some like to call BL, there are people who are opposed to each other, and that includes personalities associated with Saint and Perth. In all indications and according to reliable sources, the managers of both actors did not see eye to eye. The friction began in Love By Chance. By now there are fans and Twitter accounts out to smear Saint in particular. To be fair I was also looking for those who are doing the same to Perth. Right now it appears that the negativity is being orchestrated by someone in mithe Trigon club or whatever you may call it as movement or group.

        As for Saint and Perth, there appears to be.no personal issues with them. That is debatable of course since fans of both have opposing views.


      2. Also big fan of LBC. Especially fond of Perth Tanapon who portrayed his character, Ae, so well.

        Slightly off topic, but just finished binging Netflix’s The Stranded. A bit disappointed that Perth’s screen time was minimal. The tragic dilemma he and his boyfriend were facing had much more potential for development. Perth did well but just disappeared for about 2/3 of the film. Anyway, it was great to see him in a production with global appeal. He is still very young and has lots of time to entertain us.

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  2. Dear Psycho-Milk

    I came to Thai BL a different way. The first time I encountered the gay male relationship was in a book written by a female author who I met during one of my literature classes: Mercedes Lackey and her Valdemar series. She wrote the books as if being gay or straight or bi or intersex was normal and that everyone has a right to love whomever they wanted. I thought that was fascinating especially after the AIDS crisis and all the negativity being gay meant. We explored many themes including being gay in India during other literature classes I took and then I stumbled upon Japanese yaoi manga and I was hooked. The reason? I wanted something different from all the other characters choices the North American male was given to me as a woman. I got tired of the women (who never looked like me) being a damsel in distress and the guy never really and truly expressing his feelings without being overly aggressive. I also wanted to peek into a world I felt excluded from – where guys speak their minds with each other without trying to impress “a girl”.

    I’ve been a fan of BL now for over 15 years and have slid through Japanese yaoi manga, to anime (but for some Japanese yaoi because it is so graphic it slides into the hentai region) to Japanese BL live-action movies (most from yaoi mangas), to reading mm romance novels on Amazon to discovering Thai, Taiwanese and Chinese BL drama series and movies and I can safely say I am fully enjoying myself. My only problem happens when some of these dramas and movies have fan service, therefore, blurring the lines for their fans into believing that these (99% straight – even in gay porn) couples are real. I try not to watch them on Youtube and focus on just the series themselves, but even I can get suckered in.

    Well, that was all for now – sorry I talked your ear off – just wanted to share and connect with someone who loves the same genre I do even though we are no way alike.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing us a lot of your views and insights. I will reply to many of your POVs as soon as possible.

      I just want to say I appreciate your comments.

      Welcome to the site!


  3. Dear Psycho-Milk,
    Thanks for your insightful background information on what seems to be fast becoming an international phenomenon. I stumbled on BL one rainy day in Phuket in 2016, watching a few episodes of “Making it Right” and not knowing what exactly to make of it. I found Sotus on Netflix this October and was enthralled by the actor playing Kongpob. I then found Sotus S on You Tube and Waterboyys, Kiss Me Again, Dark Blue Kiss, Tharn and Type and Love By Chance all rapidly followed. Your website has been helpful in its background info on the BL world and the Thai Film industry. However as a 58yr old out gay male, of Indo-South African descent living in Toronto, I have some questions:
    1. What does the average gay Thai male think of these series, as it seems the bulk of the fans are straight young women?
    2. Have any of the actors ever come out as gay?
    3. Are there any out gay writers working on any of these shows?

    I realize these are highly idealized and romantic depictions of love between two men, similar to a lot of our first love experiences. I think they fall short by not showing the emotional upheaval required to attain a gay identity. Characters like Pete ( Dark Blue Kiss) and Type (Tharn & Type) would really struggle with the idea well into their 30’s. Or then again maybe this is the new normal in this generation or in Thailand?
    Please enlighten me,
    Yours Gratefully,
    Ashley Singh

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    1. Ashley,

      Excellent questions that no doubt interest many of us.

      As a U S resident, I would add one more. Where can one watch these series (with English subs) in an uninterrupted and timely format? Certainly willing to pay for the convenience be it by subscription or PPV. As popular as the BL genre has become, seems there must be a way to capitalize on a hungry international audience.

      Where might one find your interview with Anusorn?

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