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June 2021

Final Impressions

Call It What You Want – Season 1

After watching Lovely Writer, which called out several issues in the BL industry, I wanted to review Call It What You Want by Aam Anusorn. I wondered if there would be similarities in how they handled industry problems or if…
June 7, 2021
Thai Series Impressions

Y-Destiny Episodes 9 & 10

As Asian BLs become more and more numerous, there are higher expectations for the quality of BLs being produced. Y-Destiny is a BL series with very high expectations from viewers with such a stellar cast of BL actors we know…
June 4, 2021
Final Impressions

Lovely Writer – Series

I knew the basic plot of this series. Based on a Thai BL novel Nubsib Will Kiss, นับสิบจะจูบ by Wankling, the story involves a BL writer's novel becoming a TV series. The TV station, producer, and director invite the author…
June 2, 2021
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