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Day: September 6, 2020

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Kokoy de Santos – Looks, Personality, and Talent – He’s Got It All

In a country facing a major “Boys Love” revolution, Ronald Marquez de Santos Jr., better known as Kokoy de Santos, is a name that resonates in the popular circles as a style icon of the LGBTQ+ community. He has a chameleonic presence and molds himself to completely inhabit the roles he portrays. Such a perfect combination of mind and mastery surely calls for exploration, and your answer to this mystery is our Profiler.

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Gameboys The Series – Episode 8 [Review]

At the end of Episode 7, Cai gets the call from his mother about his father’s passing. Cai breaks down, but it is not just his tears that made the viewers cry but also the silent tears of total empathy from Gav, who wants to be with Cai at this moment but Cai logs out without a word.

You lived your life fully happily – for yourself and the people you cared for – and we take comfort & pride in that

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Special Feature: No Regret 후회하지 않아 (2006) | The First Korean Gay Themed Movie

In as early as 2002, the production of South Korea LGBTQ+ themed movies began with “Road Trip,” a love triangle story that involves bisexual characters. Only in 2006 did the first ‘real’ Korean gay feature gets introduced to the public. Following the story of an orphan boy who moves to Seoul to look for a better future, “No Regret,” the directorial debut of Lee Song Hee-Il, astonished viewers with the powerful portrayal of the brutal realities of gay relationships in the conservative society. And 14 years after its premiere, the poignant love story of Su-min and Jae-min still resonates well with the life of many LGBTQ+ couples who are still struggling to express themselves freely. That fact actually makes me wonder about the world that we’re living; are we really moving towards a better world?

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Together with Me (อกหักมารักกับผม) Episode 1 [Review]

In an age where Thai BL was steadily searching for its roots, one delicious couple skyrocketed the genre’s popularity to unprecedented levels. That couple, of course, is Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn, most popularly known by their common moniker “MaxTul,” and the drama series is “Together with Me.” There is something about watching two gay Adonises fighting for supremacy in bed that leaves you breathless and demanding more. Their sensual chemistry burns the sheets and sets our screens on fire. But what made the show a global phenomenon is the carefully structured storyline including very effective supporting characters.

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