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Day: August 12, 2020

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Special Feature: Different Flavors of Pinoy Love [Opinion]

The days when Boys Love is dominated by Thai and Japanese dramas with worldwide reach are waning. The Philippines is the new entrant to the BL world that “celebrates love in this purest form, beyond the shackles of simple gender or sexuality.” The success of popular Thai series like “TharnType the Series” and “2gether the Series” might have set a precedent, but the fact remains that the Boys Love dimension is witnessing the onset of a major revolution in the form of Pinoy BL. Although Pinoy Boys Love hasn’t yet quite reached the international territory that Thai BL creators enjoy or brought forth the same sensual intimacy they display, Pinoy BL is fast becoming a contender and a global phenomenon in this genre.

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Special Feature: Method 메소드 (2017) [Review]

There’s a fine line between the Method Actor and the Schizophrenic – Nicholas Cage

Can a person get caught into a web of his own emotions? Can an actor get so lost in his character, that his own feelings become supplanted by the role he portrays? These were the questions in my mind as I watched this thrilling yet dangerous love story unfold between the two strong yet stubborn main characters. Method is an emotional journey that betrays the forbidden romance between the experienced actor Jae Ha and flippant yet reluctant idol Young Woo.
Director Pang Eun-Jin has effortlessly created a universe where these two characters converge, and their emotional attachment leads to disastrous consequences. Park Sung-Woong’s Jae Ha draws on your attention while Yoon Seung-Ah’s Young Woo leaves you deeply wounded. Two totally different personalities who unknowingly get entwined in each other’s lives.

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