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Day: August 7, 2020

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Special Feature: Psychomilk Talks with Queer Author T. J. Klune

Psychomilk had this amazing opportunity to interview Lambda Literary Award-winning Author T J Klune and we are beyond ecstatic! Our questions are never easy, and the replies resonate with his honesty as well as a realistic approach. Read our interview where T J Klune answers relevant questions related to his best-selling novels and also gives us possible spoilers that might make you scream with excitement!

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Hello Stranger Episode 7 [Review]

Our Happiness shouldn’t be based on how people perceive us, but on how we truly see ourselves

The truth hurts and is inexplicable at times. But the fact remains that facing the truth and accepting it requires courage. I’m so angry and disappointed by the turn of events in the current episode. Xavier may be confused, but I don’t think that after Mico’s dismissal that dragging Crystal into the mess is going to help solve his problems. Mico himself needs to stop playing the agony child and be clear about his feelings. The struggle between their real emotions as well their inability to admit them is becoming too tiring for the viewers, this viewer anyway. Let’s review and figure out how things why these two knuckleheads are being so intractable!

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