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Day: July 25, 2020

Opinion 3

Games, Love & The Pandemic | The Gameboys Global Phenomenon

When I received a tip to reach out to IdeaFirst Company barely 12 hours before the premiere of the series Gameboys on YouTube, I never really expected anything much from a series that was marketed as a virtual meeting of two young gamers set amongst the current chaos of the Pandemic that has swept across all parts of the globe and transformed the very landscape of our normal.

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Vietnamese Reviews 1

Stage Of Love The Series – Giai đoạn của tình yêu: bộ – Episode 6 [Review]

Bao becomes a victim of homophobia as Nguyen’s confession video goes viral. Nguyen decides to be the sacrificial lamb and cut off ties with Bao. This episode was a downward slope, and Khanh’s mature demeanor was the only saving grace. I wonder why people love to redirect their misperceptions and vendetta on innocents who do not deserve that kind of hatred. Let’s review Episode 6 and see how it fared.

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