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Day: July 21, 2020

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Winter Begonia – 鬓边不是海棠红 (Episodes 41 – 49) Finale [Review]

I felt a sense of foreboding before writing this article. Something kept me on edge, and at times, I couldn’t find the right words. I wasn’t entirely convinced that what I wrote could do justice to this masterpiece. Some stories leave you with a lifetime of memories, and for me, Winter Begonia will always be one of them. The Japanese invasion of Beiping bought an onslaught of problems for our main leads Cheng Feng Tai and Shang Xi Rui. But they can’t be soulmates if they don’t stand beside each other and fight every battle together. Let’s review the finale episodes and follow their bittersweet journey.

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My Bromance 我的鮮肉弟弟 Review (Episodes 5 – 8)

As we delve deeper into the complex relationship that Kary has with her children Amy and Hao Ran, various shocking truths stumble out, and we are left wondering about their dynamics. Each of these characters has a secret to hide, yet they can’t help but get intertwined into each other’s lives. This mini-series is definitely following a different arc, which is pretty exciting to my bored mind that has long outgrown the cliché Engineering Faculty BL dramas.

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