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Day: July 20, 2020

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The Shipper – จิ้นนายกลายเป็นฉัน Episode 7 [Review]

Episode 6 saw Soda shipping herself with P’Kim. Khet realizes he likes P’Kim even though they are brothers. P’Way even dumped his girlfriend so he could pursue his love for P’Kim. All of this because Pan is still in P’Kim’s body. Determined to fix this mess by getting her body back, KimPan goes to her body. However, KimPan is confronted by Soda, who acts on her misguided feelings for P’Kim and tries for a kiss. This is KimPan’s breaking point, and they shout their truth. Soda freezes as the Angel of Death descends with her scythe toward KimPan’s throat. And now The Shipper finally moves into a new story arc, but does it sink or will it swim?

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